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Vaping: Quick Information

Oct 29th 2015 at 11:04 PM

Vaping is the short term for “vaporizing” and essentially means that a person is inhaling some vapor through a personal mechanical vape mod, or any other kind of vaping mod. It is also called “ecig” or e-cigarette. The difference is that this vaping liquid is something which is tobacco free. Thus, when vaping, you are actually inhaling tobacco free vapor. It can be considered as an alternative to smoking. The fact that it is tobacco free adds the benefit of absence of bad breath and bad smell to vaping. Dirty ash trays and cigarette burns are also avoided. More advantages include the removal of risk of lung-associated diseases that arise from smoking tobacco. The person who does vaping is called a vaper. It is equivalent to calling someone who smokes a smoker.

It may seem that there is some confusion about the history of vaping. Myths say that it is a recent discovery, and the concept itself is recent. However, to much surprise, it can be stated that vaping was actually born as far back as the 1960s. It existed in a very different form, of course, but it was there. Like vaping mods we have today that we can carry around in our purses, they were not invented back then. Vaporizers were more of a stationary fixture. They were huge and bulky, thus could not be moved or carried in purses. The vaping style in existence today is actually the gift of a Chinese man named Hon Lik, who took inspiration from his late father who died of cancer from smoking. The name he gave it was Ruyan, which roughly translates into “something smoke-like”. His intentions were benevolent; everyone is pretty sure he wanted to reduce the deaths that occurred from smoking. Somehow the Ruyan found its way into the USA, and here, it got turned into vaping. Thus, modern vaping was born.

The first part of the best vape mods out there is the battery which is usually rechargeable through a USB connector. Owing to people carrying their own personal vape mod and vape liquid, it is necessary that they be able to recharge and reuse it as and when they like. Then there is the second most obvious part: the tube. The third part, and the most important one after the battery, is the ecig juice. This is what is vaporized in the vape mod. Next most important part is the atomizer, which is responsible for heating up the e-juice and converting it into vapor that can be inhaled by you. Some mods have a cartomizer, which essentially means that the cartridge and the atomizer have been fused together, and not just literally. The e-liquid that goes into the atomizer or the cartomizer is basically a water-based liquid that has been infused with certain amounts of nicotine. It is available in many flavors. After these components, your vape mod contains vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, nicotine and some flavoring.

Vaping is only meant to simulate the experience of smoking. Statistically, it hasn’t been known to aid the users to quit smoking. In case you are looking to buy vape liquid, be sure to visit

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John Gibbons is a huge advocate of e-cigarettes who loves writing many interesting articles and blogs about the topic, helping people understand the concept of these products and use them effectively to quit the habit of smoking. He recommends as the website to trust in case you are looking to buy e-cigs, vaping liquid and more.

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