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Using Maternity Tens Machine UK Helps In Painless Natural Childbirth

Nov 26th 2015 at 1:43 AM

Giving birth to a child is one of the most fulfilling experiences that you can probably have as a young woman. Yet thestories of pain and complications during childbirth are sure tohave made their rounds to you. Despite the high rate of medical intervention in reducing pain during childbirth, millions across the world still prefer to go the natural way, coping with the pain and bringing a new life the way women across the ages have done.

The traditional way

Despite givingbirth to your child by the natural process, you can still effectively control the pain that is involved using the massage techniques. The same kind of massage is made availablein the digital form from the maternity tens machine uk. These tens machines are small sized devices that look like pads and can be fitted to the skin of the back. The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations are run by battery and they send pulsating electrical sensations to the skin.

The natural pain-killer

The stimulation produced by pads releases the hormone endorphin and encephalin into the blood that help in controlling pain during the labour. Once you buy the maternity tens machine uk, it is advisable that you start using them from the the very onset of the contraction, so that the hormone can begin to act immediately. Since they are absolutely light weight, you can also wear them in advance anticipating your pain and move around freely. The pads will have a connectoronthem to attach the cord with which you can control the vibration.

The pleasant pulsating sensation

The pulsating sensation that the tens machine eliminate does not cause any irritation, but produce a simple tingling sensation that stimulates the production of the hormone. The hormones then block the transmission of the sensation of pain to the brain giving you a pain-freelabour. Even if you are on prescribed drugs, you can safely use the tens machine for your labour pains either at home or in the hospital. Procuring it beforehand will allow you to familiarize with the intensity variation that most tens machine offer.

The quality packs

Usually, the good tens machine will cover a wide area of about 50 mm square each that will naturally be more effective in transmitting the impulses over a larger area. You may get cheaper variants that cover less area, but you will need more number of them, and thus end up paying more. Moreover, a single pad covering more here is better than using multiple small pads. Most of these quality tens pads are available at the online stores that are made out of latex-free rubber for easy and safe use on the skin. They are available in standard packs containing sixteen pieces for a total coverage of the back.

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