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Uses of lead in different applications

Jan 27th 2015 at 9:02 PM

Lead is one of the first metals known to man. This is  also the fifth most used metals in the world.  This  metal is used from the beginning of the ancient  Egyptians, Babylonians  and Assyrians civilization for many structural and ornamental purposes. The lead metal has high density, chemical stability, ease of fabrications and has great ability to absorb high energy radiation.

There are numerous uses of lead. It is used as a pure  metal, alloyed with other metals or used as a chemical  compound in many applications in different industries.  Below are the list of a few things,  where lead or lead alloy is generally used.

Battery grids

Lead is widely used for manufacturing lead acid storage battery grids. The battery grids are manufactured using  cast or  wrought antimonial and calcium lead. These lead alloy have very high resistance to chemicals.


Lead sheets are widely used in the construction industry for roofing, cladding, flashing, sound proofing, shower pans, flooring and x-ray and gamma ray protection. These sheets are  also used in the chemical industry for manufacturing acid plants, lining of chemical treatment baths and storage vessels.  The high density of lead sheets  makes it an effective material for sound insulation purposes.


Lead metal is very high resistance to corrosion and has great flexibility. This  is why it is widely used for carriage of corrosive chemical at chemical plants. Its high corrosion resistance properties made it the best metal for manufacturing water distribution and plumb ing system.


Lead is also  used for manufacturing paint. The high resistance corrosion  property makes it the most widely used materials  in manufacturing paint pigments.

Cable Sheathing

Lead metal has high ductility, large resistance to corrosion, relatively low temperature and good extrusion ability.  The lead sheathing around the communication and power cables provide the most durable protection against  corrosion damage and moisture. Antimonial, arsenical and  chemical lead is generally used for this purpose.


A wide range of lead is used in ammunition for both sporting and military purposes.  It is widely  used for manufacturing bullets.


Lead is also used for manufacturing foils.  It is high resistance to corrosion and heat. This makes it the best product for storing food products.

There are also many uses of lead and lead alloy.  The use of this metal and its alloy depend on the particular application.


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