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IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading solution provider of dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice pellets, pellet ice maker and technology.
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Understanding the Technical and Environmental Aspects of Dry Ice Cleaning

Jul 28th 2014 at 1:44 AM

When it comes to pressurized Dry ice cleaning which is also known as CO2 Blast Cleaning – IceTech world is one of the highest valued companies in the industry and can be easily relied upon as potentially the best strategic partner for any of your dry ice requirements. Dry ice blast cleaning is a kind of technique that uses dry ice pellets projected at supersonic speed for cleaning surfaces of generators, turbines and also equipment used in food processing plants. This technique is also widely used for removing oil and paints from brick and concrete surfaces. When the dry ice pellets projected in supersonic speed hits the surface they actually create microscopic size shockwaves which in result removes all unwanted residue from the surface that is being cleaned.

Technically speaking any blast cleaning process requires a Pellet ice maker for creating 3mm rice like pellets which are then accelerate to supersonic speed via the blasting unit. The pellets are applied on the surface with a robot or handheld blasting gun. Apart from creating the microscopic shockwave, on heating the surface the pellets immediately turn into vapor and expand in volume by almost 540 times. The considerable amount of energy produced during this conversion is actually responsible for creating the shockwaves. The vapor thus produced mixes with the atmosphere leaving behind only the removed containment for being cleaned up.

Dry ice blast cleaning with dry ice machine actually works in different ways – by using the kinetic energy generated in the process, creating thermal differentials and by reverse fracturing. The kinetic energy, when transferred from the supersonic dry ice pellets to the surface chips away the containments from it. This kinetic energy then converts it to heat energy required for sublimation or the process of a solid directly turning into vapor. Temperature of dry ice pellets is - 78.5°C – which is actually much lower than the surface that is being cleaned. When the pellets come in contact with the surface a thermal differential is created which in turn weakens the bond between containment and the surface and this is more prominent when the cleaning technology is used on metal surfaces. At the same time as solid carbon dioxide rapidly turns into vapor its volume is also expanded by 540 times which also forces the containment to come out loose from the surface.

One of the major advantages of Dry ice cleaning is that it is more environment friendly than any other cleaning techniques those can also be used for these requirements. Apart from carbon dioxide vapor they don’t generate any harmful chemical or lingering foul odor and the process is also compliant with EPA, USDA and FDA rules and regulations. As the ice pellets can also easily reach the tightest crevices it is a lot more efficient than other cleaning technologies like sponge or sand blasting those are also used for these cleaning requirements. IceTech World as a leading provider of dry ice blast cleaning services and supplier of equipment like dry ice machine or pellet ice maker can always help you the best in any of your carbon dioxide blast cleaning requirements and for more information you can always visit their website at

About The Author

Martin is a technical writer and editor and the dry ice maker has been a source of constant interest to him. He has also authored many research papers based on this technology and he recommends a good study on the features of this technology can help you a great deal if you plan to put it to use in your manufacturing process.

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