Understanding the Factors Affecting Gold Price

Aug 4th 2015 at 3:50 AM



What factors affect the price of gold bullion?  This is a common question that many people have in the context of investment in gold. Some people believe that the value of gold is primarily affected by the demand and supply as with other commodities in the market.  However, this is not necessarily so in the context of gold as it is a precious commodity.  The price of gold and market fluctuations are often affected by psychological factors which influence the demand for gold itself.  If the demand for gold is high, then the price will be high and if the demand is low, the price of bullion will be low.

There are numerous factors that affect the price of gold. Let’s take a look at the top factors those affect the gold price.

Market Sentiment

How does the market feel about gold is one of the major factors. Analysts, Economists and investors provide greater emphasis on the sentiment of the market to determine the exact value of this precious metal.

cost of gold


The economic scenario of a country also provides a great impact on the value of gold.  Many investors prefer to invest in gold to ptotect their asset or wealth value during  recession.


Economic principles also play a significant role in determining the gold price. Deflation is defined as a general fall in price level of goods and services. It usually occurs when the rate of inflation falls below 0%.


Inflation is one of the major factors which determine gold bullion prices. It is a crucial factor to evaluate whether to invest in the gold market or not.

Mining costs

Mining costs are important as mining companies are reluctant to invest in developing new mines if the price of gold is too low to allow them to make a profit. Hence a low gold price can restrict new supply and therefore raise the price to a level where the mining companies are prepared to resume development.


Media plays a great role in creating a psychological perception on things. This is even true in the context of gold. Media creates hype of market sentiments that can increase or decrease the price of the precious metal depending on the sentiments of investors in the market.

Government policies

Individual government policies also affect the gold prices directly or indirectly.  For example, the gold price becomes higher if the government decides to print more currency or restrict imports of gold.

Apart from the above discussion, there are also several other factors which affect the gold price. To learn about the other factors, visit www.ukbullion.com.

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