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Understanding Tensile Tents And Their Benefits

Jun 12th 2015 at 10:06 PM

Tensile tents rely on the tension of fabric suspended between a few secure points to keep their shape rather than on as many poles or pipes as more traditional tent options require. Their unique, modern aesthetic – as well as their ease of assembly and disassembly – set them apart from other kinds.

Most people are familiar with the kinds of tents typically associated with circus structures or what they might have seen at large family gatherings in the past. However, in more recent years, a different kind of tent structure has been increasingly garnering popularity, and is likely to soon become the go-to tent for gatherings or events of all shapes and sizes. This tent goes by a more curious name than ‘pole’ or ‘pipe’ – a tensile tent.

Not many people know what a tensile tent is, but the explanation is really quite simple, and the benefits of such a tent make them well worth the extra research. The tensile tent derives its name from the engineering principle that defines its shape – a tensile structure. The way that a tensile tent works is that it relies on several central points to create its form – utilizing the tension between the points to make and hold its shape without the support of extra poles or pipes. It is able to rely on that tension alone in order to retain its shape. This means that it delivers coverage and form without the compression or bending that you see in traditional tents. It also means that it requires fewer pieces in order to attain and maintain its structural integrity.

Some of the benefits of being able to create a dependable and usable tent shape without as many parts are immediately apparent – fewer pieces means less that you have to worry about transporting, as well as less time and energy spent during the assembly and disassembly processes. In addition to these benefits, the shape and style of tensile tents means that they will stand out and provide unique, effective coverage for any occasion. Their natural design lends them a modern, streamlined look that will help you establish a tone of sophistication and elegance for your event from the moment your tensile tent comes into view.

Not just your average, run-of-the-mill tent, tensile tents are a special kind of tent that will work well for small and large gatherings alike. Their singular engineering advantages make them a practical and efficient choice, and their one-of-a-kind aesthetic will help contribute to any atmosphere by lending a contemporary charm that will make a favorable impression on every guest while still providing the coverage, shelter, and dependability that you require for your guest’s comfort and safety. By renting a tensile tent, you will be making your event run that much more smoothly by reducing your need for manpower, effort, and time, and you will be creating a memorable ambiance for everyone to enjoy. For more information on tensile tents, please visit this website.

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