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Understanding Catalytic Converters In Detail

Dec 17th 2015 at 4:35 AM


Very few people understand what catalytic converters are, how they work, who are the suppliers of catalytic converters, the use of these devices, who buys catalytic converters and other similar questions. Here is a short article explaining the aforementioned points.

The installation of catalytic converter is usually done automatically by automobile manufacturers themselves. Catalytic converters are used in vehicles and various other machines. Although some people don’t take time to learn what these catalytic converters do but the use of it is too imperative.  
Firstly it is compulsory to install catalytic converters inside your vehicles and machines as required by law. So irrespective of the choice the industries are bounded to do it. In case of second hand machines and vehicles as well catalytic converters are must.

What does it do and its major use?

Catalytic converters help in converting the harmful gases into less harmful before they are released in the atmosphere. In order to do so the device has to perform two major functions:

1.    It will reduce the amount of harmful gases that the engine is using and convert it into less harmful elements like N2 (nitrogen), CO2(carbon dioxide) and hydrogen. In order to make this happen, the catalytic converter works with machine’s Powertrain control module.

2.    Secondly, the converter will use a process of oxidization to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the machine.

Why a catalytic converter fails?

Malfunction causes high levels of HC or CO, to enter into the converter, which dramatically elevate the temperature of catalytic converter. Few of the potential causes are misfires, AFR cylinder imbalance, low fuel quality, low compression, and sluggish oxygen cylinders, weak ignition these could be the possible reasons to it. The second most common reason is the deposition of substrate which usually happens because of excessive oil consumption, improper fuel additives, coolant leaks etc. And lastly, structural damage of the converter due to corrosion, metal fatigue, thermal shock, air-gap pipe failure can also be few of the reasons.

So that is where the need of catalytic converter company arises, these companies are into recycling the machines to the best level and then the sell them to catalytic converter buyers at the best return rate. They are not only into recycling but also in processing of the machines. These companies are also into purchasing of catalytic converters scrap from any small local vendor. It is always advised to the buyers of catalytic converters that they visit the facility of the company so that they can evaluate using the per piece grading method. Under per piece grading method, the company counts the number of items and tallies the different kinds of catalytic converter and the supplier is paid accordingly.

In most countries there are laws to have catalytic converters installed in their cars beforehand. However, there are few countries that haven’t made such regulations as such because of their lack of concern towards environment. There are around 1300 applications that are now using catalytic converters and the demand is ever-growing.

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About The Author

Tom Blake is an expert in recycling catalytic converters who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in understanding the process and the many advantages that stem from it. In the US, he recommends as the most trusted specialist for this job.


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