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Understanding and Implementing the Flow of Your Lab Report

Jan 9th 2013 at 3:14 AM



Below, find attached a lab report template that you can use for your homework.
First of all it must be said that, during the test at school, it is imperative to be able to write everything down draft the lab report at home, that the instruments used, the design of the equipment, the experimental data collected and observations made by the teacher and / or by the group members on how to conduct the test.

In writing a report on a laboratory experiment is very good rule to think to turn to someone who does not know the subject, and would not know where to put their hands to perform the test by ensuring that the information which the dates, have a both theoretical and practical knowledge able to run again. The report should be complete in this sense, but at the same time concise, avoiding all that is superfluous, such as the record of what you have done. Your report must be clear enough, understandable, tidy and precise, your diagrams must be accurate, graphs and tables.

The general pattern noted below will allow you to have a track to follow always in writing. Obviously, it is not said that all the various points should be present each time.

Header: indicates the number of the test, the class and section, the date you made the test, the first and last name.

Title of the Experiment: the title of the experiment should summarize the meaning and to understand what the subject of Chemistry regard. Will usually be suggested by the teacher or decided together.

Objective of the Experiment: expose the purpose that it is intended to run the experiment.

Materials, Equipment and Measuring Instruments: remember that there is no difference between equipment and measuring instruments, then list them separately. As regards the tools, always indicates their main characteristics for example, the range and sensitivity.

Scheme or Drawing of the Experimental Apparatus: draws the experimental arrangement used

Theoretical Content: Describe, briefly (not copy whole pages of the book!), The theory behind the experiment (definitions and laws) and therefore it is necessary to understand its purpose.

Procedure: Describe in an essential way the process used to conduct the experiments, highlighting the key points. In this section, you describe just what you've done in practice to obtain the experimental data and the calculation procedure.

An Useful Tip: having completed this part read it once more and query yourself: "a man who has no knowledge about this experiment and even he doesn't know how to conduct this in the lab. Is your lab report writing helpful enough to make him understand about your practical? Have you given all necessary information in your lab report?

Figures and Tables: This Presents the obtained figures of measurement, good to present in table form, mentioning the uncertainties and other possible flexibilities in the outcomes. You should write down all calculations that you performed.

Observations and Conclusions: Analyze the results critically, putting that in relation to the objectives set at the beginning. Alright re-calculation results, that is to say, "the measure obtained for this measure", or plotted the size depending on the size you got but that is not enough! You have to say what you can infer from the results obtained.

If the objective is to verify a certain law studied in class, do not just write "the law has been verified so on" write if and why your results are in agreement or not with the law, and, if not, the possible reasons for which they are not.



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