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Understand Thermoformed Plastic Packaging And Its Various Aspects

Dec 14th 2015 at 11:35 PM

If you think plastic packaging is a small deal, trust me, you are in for an eye opener here. This industry happens to be a major business player in North America with a market crossing over 10 billion dollars in the continental US alone. Food packaging is a specialized field that has its own set of nuances and challenges so as to ensure that the produce or processed product reaches end users in the right condition. You may not take much notice of the packaging that holds the products you use every day, but there is actually a lot of thought and consideration that goes into the design and manufacturing of product packaging. Everything that you eat comes in a thermoformed plastic package that is meant to keep the contents inside safe and structurally intact. With so much at stake, you can very well understand and appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the designing and production of these specialized packaging units. This article will help you understand thermoformed packaging better.

What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming isn't strictly restricted to packaging -- many of the products in your home are produced with this technique; these objects include disposable cups, containers, vehicle door panels, and plastic pallets. The idea behind the process is simple – it involves heating plastic sheets to form different shapes and molds. Product packaging is easily mass-produced this way, with packaging types like clamshell containers, cosmetics container packaging, and medical packaging all created in a snap with little physical labor needed.

Is thermoformed packaging a safe alternative?

Considering the amount of plastic involved in the very base processes of this manufacturing industry, I would say that your concerns are well placed. But modern thermoforming companies have come up with sustainable solutions to source raw materials in a manner that is eco friendly as well as economical. One of the most straightforward approaches is making use of scrap plastic collected from garbage disposal sites to manufacture packages. Common thermoform recycling is compresses the scrap plastic in a baling machine or granulator to produce a ground flake that can then be used to create new sheets. The material created in this manner is not only safe for use in food packaging functions but it also happens to be good for the environment and made from recycled materials – a win win situation from every angle.

Prospects of the thermoforming companies industry?

The future of this niche industry of manufacturers is quite promising indeed. In a recent survey, it was found there were about 150 thin gauge thermoformers in the States, and another 250 heavy gauge formers. With nearly a dozen thin-gauge formers having annual sales of at least USD100 million, you can very well imagine the contribution of thermoformed packaging to various industries, especially food packaging, storage and shipment. Therefore if you are in need of similar services, chances are you will find a professional manufacturer quite easily.

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