HELP ME PLEASE .. My wedding anniversary is in 5 weeks. I have not seen my wife for 11 months. I can not afford to see her because I am disabled and can not earn enough to be with her again. Guns have been held to her head and she is in a zone of much rac

Trusting the internet Loneliness and honesty

Oct 5th 2010 at 2:36 PM

My wife, my beautiful wife whom I profile my life on .. suffers endlessly as we are separated by thousand of miles of sea and land because of lack of money. Immigration rules say we cant be together because I am a low income earner with disabilities.

I send money to help her survive and that is fine and I just survive. In her homeland where $200 is a months wage we find many thieves. My wife markets new and used clothing online useing Facebook to help build a bank balance there, but to often traders no matter how well you check people out when buying, are bogus and your money is gone.

This has lead us to basically resign ourselves to we will never recooperate the losses and as time goes on and our wedding anniversary draws closer that we are facing a legless battle and going to be apart for a long time unless we engage the internet and ask people to help us.

We dont want charity, meaning people just giveing us money to help as would be nice. I would rather borrow and or return any help we can get. I am a low income earner and my country banks will not lend to me .. So which way does one turn ..

The depression is ripe with distress and as we challenge the endless pests and thieves when even in an environment such as facebook where when you report sites that thieve money, facebook does NILABSOLUTELY NOTHING and yet they give 100 million away! Oh so profouund that is, yet if you message facebook they do nothing to remove people like that and message the thieves facebook would say your spamming them .. Put the truth on FACEBOOK and they likely close your page. So be dammed if we do and be dammed if we dont ...

I have made the decision to ask people online to help and do it with the integrity and honesty of a husband that truely loves his wife whom is in tears for all the stress we have had. I have had part of my bowel removed .. Tumors on my kidney removed and 4 accidents that have taken their toll on my body

In Gods name there must be a team of people that would help somewhere.Shes had guns to her head, we endured earthquakes together and witness massacres and continual violence around her .. Please help me keep my promise to my wife .. Please stop sending things you want to sell me. I need financial help and have no money Thats clear and simple to understand

my paypal is

Please to comment
Oct 6th 2010 at 2:09 AM by MAGNITUDE
If anyone is willing to help please email me and I will provide paypal acoount I have available or send private message please

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