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Trim Down Unrest in Pipes with Pipeline Drag Reducing Agent

Apr 4th 2015 at 12:47 AM

Drag is a phenomenon that one encounters commonly in petroleum pipelines, due to the turbulence in the pipe and prevents the free flow of oil. This is usually controlled by regulating the pressure of the process, increasing the energy given for oil extraction, and thus, reducing the oil outflow.

Since the turbulence needs to be controlled to avoid accidents or to increase the productivity, adding a chemical, called drug reducing agent, can make the whole process more productive. These agents, are nothing but polymers, which prevents the drag or turbulence of oil, and help with their smooth flow.

So, a drag reducing agent, which has been with us for a decade or longer now, comes with some excellent benefits.

· It reduces unrest in pipelines- This one factor is very much essential to increase productivity and also as a safety measure. Petroleum is a highly volatile product, and innumerable security measures are taken to prevent accidents in a pipeline during its extraction. That is why; the pressures are kept at a minimal range and continuous monitoring operations performed. A drag or unrest, apart from decreasing production, can be quite detrimental too, if, not taken care of, immediately. Hence, drag reducing agent prevents unrest and thus, makes the extraction safer.

· Increase productivity- Adding these polymers can increase productivity of oil extracted, since it reduces the pressure drop that happens due to turbulence. A continuous pressure drop can stop the whole extraction process and might require more energy to restore the flow of crude oil or whatever you are extracting. Thus, adding the drag reducing agents can increase productivity of petroleum.

· Saves energy used in the production- When you have turbulence or unrest in the pipeline, you need to use excess energy to restore the dropped pressure and to maintain the flow. Adding a suitable agent, such as the drag reducing polymers, can prevent this factor to a large extent. By saving energy, you save the production cost of your oil too. Thus, it is a significant value addition, and a means to increase your productivity.

Although one aspect that you need to take care of, while buying the polymers is the condition under which they can operate and be efficient. Thus, while purchasing these agents, make sure that they can operate under the range of the temperature and pressure conditions that you apply to your pipelines.

This wonder polymer has helped many extraction industries to increase their productivity and to help them reduce their production expenses. Hence, these miracle polymers can take care of few very crucial factors of your extraction industry.

About the Company:

Novamen Inc. is a privately held company and was started in 2010. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, the founders are building the company with the intention of offering products and services to industrial clients that go beyond those of traditional chemical companies. Operating in Alberta, Novamen Inc. focuses primarily on industrial, oil, natural gas and mining industries throughout Canada. Visit their website to learn more about the chemical solutions they provide.

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