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Top Reasons For Poor Performance Of A Car Battery In Winter Time

Oct 30th 2015 at 4:58 AM

Winter is particularly harsh on car batteries. Find out what you need to know to keep from getting stuck.

Why do car batteries have a bigger chance of failing during the winter than during other times of the year? In a nutshell, the battery has to work harder when it’s cold. Research conducted by AAA suggests that at zero degrees, a battery can lose 60% of its strength.

The age of the battery is going to matter on whether it can withstand the cold. A battery that is over three years old is going to have a much harder time keeping its charge than one that is only a few months old, all things being equal.

We tend to have several devices charging while we are driving. This is not generally a problem unless the strength of a car battery is compromised. Therefore, it’s best to keep from charging your devices but if you must, charge only one at a time.

The winter months also puts a drag on your battery because of all the car features that are simultaneously being used. The lights are on along with the heat. Depending on how cold it is outside, that heat is probably on full blast. If it is precipitating, then the wipers will be running along with the hazard lights, when necessary.

A subtle reason why batteries have a tougher time during winter is that the electrons slow down during cold weather. Have you ever had a battery operated device that took a long time to start up when it had been sitting in the cold for a long period of time? It’s no different with a car battery. In fact, it could take the car battery longer to warm up simply due to its size. It is difficult in this condition, for a battery to recharge as quickly as when it is warm out.

During any season, it is a good idea to keep your battery as fully charged as possible. With all the other reasons that contribute to poor performance in the winter, you want to make sure you use the car as frequently as possible. This will give the battery a chance to recharge properly. Just going into town and back may not be enough. On some of the days that you travel, try to stretch out the driving session to allow for full recharge.

It’s not a bad idea to have your battery tested before the winter months arrive. This way if there are problems, you can take action before you get stuck in harsh conditions.

Trucks have a larger problem during winter months in that they are much heavier which means everything has to work harder. Find out more information at truck batteries in Escondido.

Author Bio:-

Daniel is a battery expert with over 10 years of experience. You can find his thoughts at battery advice blog.

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