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Tools For Moving Heavy Equipment In California

Apr 8th 2015 at 11:42 PM

When it comes to machinery movers in California, you won't find them without high quality dollies to make their job easy. These simple looking tools are extremely important when it comes to taking heavy machinery from one place to another. It includes movement from one place to another or from an establishment to the vehicle where it will be loaded for transportation. Different types of dollies are available for the purpose, each with 2-4 caster wheels for carrying around different things. Some of the commonest available types that you will come across frequently are as follows.

Appliance dollies
Moving or appliance dollies can come in two different shapes. One comes with four wheels along with a rectangular long base. Such manually operated carriers are ideal for moving about different appliances especially those of the sophisticated kind, safely from one place to another. Other one comes with two wheels on the hands of the dollies for better mobility. The wheels have a tall base and the foot is small, extending below the items that you want to move. When required you can also tilt it backwards. Items that you can transport using this hand truck include heavy appliances, which require safe handling.

Trailer dollies
With such dollies, the heavy equipment movers in California can transport small trailers manually without any need of using powered vehicles for the purpose. These come with long handles and adjustable hitch for trailer connections that requires short distance transportation. With the help of this dolly, you can maneuver the trailers even inside tight spaces, which is not possible in case you use vehicles for the purpose.

Dollies for car towing
As the name suggests this kind of portability tools have been designed for towing cars. These are ideal for long distance haul and you will find them commonly attached to moving trucks or RVs on the road. These hold the vehicles from its front end, raising them completely away from the ground. Rear car wheels however remain touching the road surface rolling behind such tow vehicles until it reaches the nearest garage. These are extremely useful pieces of equipment, which prevents exertion of undue pressure on towed vehicles without any wear and tear during transport. For moving both the vehicles only a single driver is required.

Machine dollies
Professional machine movers in California rely upon machine dollies to take the industrial equipment safely from one place to another. These are in the form of wheeled carts, which will angle back for heavy load balancing upon wheels. Common uses of such dollies are in delivery of heavy packages and unloading of tractor-trailers. These come with four legs each having a wheel for optimal mobility. Central platform in this equipment carries the rectangular, heavy machinery fees effectively. Extremely durable these are capable of carrying around heavy loads with ease, which can be maximum 10,000 pounds or even more if required.

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About The Author

Joseph Tyler has been associated with one of the leading machinery movers in California and has a keen interest in machinery moving, logistics and large moving projects. He loves to share his experiences through the various articles that he writes about machinery moving etc.

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