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Tips To Buy The Right Back-Up Generator

Dec 29th 2015 at 11:58 PM

These days generator play a very important role in our lives. In the olden days when there were no generators or inverters, people used to suffer so much in times of power-cuts. But now that we have generator, life has become so easy. During power cuts we don’t really feel the absence of electricity because we have generators that solve our problems. Initially there were generators that created tremendous sound but now even that problem has been solved by the invention of silent generators. These silent generators do their work silently; they provide us with light, fans etc during the times of power cuts.

This shows that technological advancements have reached its peak. Industries, multinational companies, malls and many other commercial buildings use generators and get the benefit of having electricity if at all there is no electricity. Generators have come across like a blessing to the domestic as well as to the commercial fields. But now the question arises that how do we use the right back-up generator? There are many problems if we do not use the right back-up generator. To avoid these kinds of problems we have some factors to be taken care of.

Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right back-up generator.

Portable generator- portable generators are the best and prior option while you decide to take a back-up generator. Portable generators go along with you while moving and shifting in different places and they are easy to attach as well as to detach. These generators are useful because you stay away from the mess of detaching it from one place and then attaching it to the other place where you have shifted. They are designed in such a way that this attaching and detaching is very simple and easy to perform. You can also hire generator if you are going to use it for a small project.

Load specific- while choosing a generator you should always be sure of the facts like how much load it can take. For example if you take a generator of lesser load and expect to work it out for a huge building having 10-15 floors then that is completely impossible, similarly do not waste your money and buy a huge generator for a 2 or 3 BHK house. Generators are designed differently according to their load capacity. Always keep it in mind that this factor is never neglected otherwise you may face problems.

Give importance to the surrounding- While buying a back-up generator you should always keep your surroundings in mind. If you stay in a locality which is calm and silent then do not buy generators that create loud noise as this may disturb your neighbors and relationships may get hampered. If you have a house placed in the outskirts with less population around you then you can think about a generator that creates loud noise provided your family doesn’t oppose to the noise created. Mostly industries placed in the outskirts prefer loud noise generators.

Transfer switches are of great help these days- These devices are intended to examine the utility grid in time of power cuts. These switches were very costly in the past that is why they were used in larger scale organizations like schools, colleges’ airports etc. but now these switches are quite affordable and can be used for small scale and domestic purposes also.

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