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Throw Dream Wedding Without Re - Mortgaging Your House

Jul 1st 2010 at 2:18 PM

Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have elegant, beautiful weddings without breaking the bank.

Having a cheap wedding doesn’t mean giving up style or sentimentality. It means using your imagination, using your own hands or the help of friends and family.  Ask anyone you know to help out.  Almost everyone will be happy to oblige.  They’ll be part of your special day which makes them special as well!

There’s so much to do, it can be mind-numbing.  Don’t worry.  I planned and held my first wedding in two months and my second wedding in three months.  If you have the luxury of a year or more, feel lucky!


Assuming you want a traditional wedding, the first decisions to be made include:   the date, your attendants, and where the reception will be held.  Of course, the date might be your most important decision.

Second, decide who will pay for the wedding.  The typical wedding planner dictates that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding.  In reality, these days that isn’t always the norm.

Also, you may want to consider an early marriage and an early reception.  An 11:00 marriage with a reception immediately following can realize great savings as most guests will have already had lunch before your ceremony.

Additional savings may be realized by having your wedding in the months of November through April. These months are less busy for most wedding related services and locations. Again, ask for a discount for being off-season.

Where your reception will be held is another huge decision that has to be made early on in the wedding planning stage.  If you want to opt for a traditional reception hall, you’ll have to book early to be sure you can get the venue of your choice.

Traditionally, couples tie the knot on a Saturday.  If you really want to save some cash, consider having your ceremony on a Thursday or Friday.  How about having a Sunday service on a holiday weekend?  You’ll find that there are many more open dates on these days and you’ll ultimately realize more savings by booking on these less traditional time frames.  Many reception locations will offer a discount for an off day. If they don’t offer it, ask for it.

You can also look to find a free place to hold your reception such as a friend’s home, a church’s reception hall, or even the local fire department’s reception hall!  You could look into a local park, art gallery, and even your own home.


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Oct 28th 2010 at 11:25 AM by HappinessOnTap
Ahhh, that reminds me of my own cheap wedding 20+ years ago; Sunset on the lawn of the church, beginning of summer, white Christmas lights on the foliage, barefoot under my borrowed wedding dress/prom gown, only about 100 of my closest friend and family, invited by handmade invitations, potluck at the groom's house, self DJ'd... yes cheap ($200), but people still remember it. I hope people will consider the value of your advice and know that it's the amount of heart and fun you put into a wedding that people will remember most. Cheers!
Jul 30th 2010 at 10:12 PM by dorogikarcsi

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