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Things to Consider When Choosing Grey Iron Castings

Sep 9th 2014 at 4:06 AM

Casting has been used for a long time now in manufacturing industries to make various consumer products. One of the most commonly used materials in casting is gray iron. Grey iron castings are strong, versatile and durable which could explain why they are used in many industrial applications. Furthermore, gray iron can be easily manufactured and it is cheaper to produce in masses.

You’ll find gray iron castings being used for damping control among other industrial process.  It is always important to choose the right casting material for your project. Other metals that are used in casting include aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. Each metal has its advantages. For instance, copper, when used as a casting material acts as an excellent electrical conductor. On the other hand, zinc has a low melting point which is why it’s used in casting of small parts.

When you are looking for reliable cast iron manufacturers gray, one of the factors you need to consider is the volume of castings required. If you need high volumes of gray iron castings, choose a manufacturer with the skill, experience and machinery to fulfill your demands.

The other important consideration is the cost effectiveness of the casting material. Casting materials like gray iron are relatively cheap so you may want to avoid expensive alternatives like aluminum which are slightly more expensive.

Most importantly, choose casting material that is right for your application. For instance, if you intend to use the casting on products that are exposed to corrosion or strain, avoid casting materials like zinc because even though it is economical, it has a low wear resistance that could lead to damage. When choosing castings for applications like dental equipment and aircraft hardware, a material like aluminum may work best.

Again consider the cooling speed, damping capabilities and melting temperature of the casting material. These features are very important because they determine how well the casting is suited for your application. In general, for any applications that require durability and strength gray iron will work best. Grey and ductile iron is designed to withstand pressure, provide strength and toughness in various industrial applications.

Compacted Graphite Iron can also be a suitable option in projects that require high wear resistance and weight. In case you are not sure of the type of casting that’s right for your application, ask your trusted casting manufacturer for advice before making a decision.

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