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The Wars of the Music Ministry

Mar 27th 2011 at 11:17 PM




The body of Christ, which we call the Church, is made up of many different offices and administrations. The Holy Spirit has placed a fivefold ministry in the Church. The fivefold ministry consists of number one pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists, and prophets. These are the five main ministries in the body of Christ. There are many other functions and offices that must be held and operated in order for the church to run properly. From the days of old, leaders were chosen according to their spiritual qualification. All leaders in the church, this includes music ministers, preachers, teachers, ushers, and all who make up all the other offices should be feel with the Spirit.

The pastor of the Church is the chief overseer of all the functions that is in the Church. His job is to lead God's people in the way that they should go and not the way that they want to go. In most churches today, you not only have a pastor, but you may have a minister of music. The minister of music job is almost if not just as important as the pastor's job. The pastor and the minister of music must be able to communicate and work together very well in the overall process of the church service in general. There cannot exist any animosity, envy, or jealousy among them. One thing is for certain and clear, the pastor is the leader and he/she must be very well respected. In this article, I will explain just what happens when the minister of music and the pastor have a conflict.

First of all, when you have a pastor that tries to run the entire church by himself or herself, you will certainly have a meltdown! The minister of music job is to oversee and to make certain that the best quality music being performed and hand-picked for worship service. His job also include, to report to the pastor and to have regularly meetings to discuss whatever visions or goals the past may have for the worship service. Once the pastor's vision is clear and understood by the minister of music, it is then the music ministers please to put this in action. When you have all of it is going smoothly, you will have a very, very good worship experience! So now I get you are asking what happens when you don't have this kind of relationship.

When you have a pastor that gives jealous of the minister of music, you would have chaos and all kinds of confusion! A lot of times, pastors get jealous of the relationship that the minister of music have acquired with the with the choir members, especially if that musician has been in service to that church for a long period of time. A lot of pastors feel as though they have to be in total control and have a hand in every of the little matter just because they are the pastor. The minister of music, if he is called by God, we'll be able to work with any pastor who is also called by God. If they both are filled with the Holy Spirit, that will be no place for jealous. So what is the solution? Where are we going to find such individuals? The answer to these questions is simply we must pray that God will lead us to these people and help us to choose the correct one's.

When everyone learn their place in the church and to operate in their own gifts, then will we have peace and unity within our church and among my leaders! God has given everyone special gifts and talents to operate in his church and no one have to be jealous of the other! Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers-whichever one you might be, operate in it and leave the others alone.




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