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The Unfinished Novel of Stieg Larsson in the Millennium Trilogy

Jan 10th 2015 at 2:31 AM

Fictions with the touch of fantasies have often attracted readers all over the world. This also happened to the Millennium Trilogies of Stieg Larsson. Irony of the fate is that the creator of such blockbuster novels never knew that they would be ever published and would be so popular that they would time and again come to top the most popular fictions lists not only in his country but all over the world.

Huge Popularity of the Books

Trilogy that started with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo quickly turned out to be one of the bestsellers of the millennium. Followed the next two books in the series and they became the favorites of millions of readers all over the world. In fact The Girl Who Played with Fire as well as The Girl That Kicked the Hornet's Nest became equally or even more popular than the first one and they constituted perfect sequels to the original one. They won several awards and were consistently figuring in the best seller lists for fictions all over the world.

That was Not All

However that was not all about the creations by Steig. Few had any idea that he had also in the process of creating a fourth one in the trilogy series. This was supposed to be the next to the third one and it was almost finished when untimely death took him away. Publishers and others came to learn about this only when Steig brother came out in detail about it before the media. The information that came out was that before his death by heart attack he had nearly finished a fourth novel. However there is big question mark on the book seeing the light of the day due to a consistent dispute between the family of the late writer and his partner for long time Eva Gabrielsson. According to brother Joakim, he got an email from brother Steig about 10 days before his death about the existence of the fourth book.

Strange but True

A strange thing about this unfinished creation of the legendary writer who has been the inspiration for latter such fantasy based trilogies like Twilight Series and Harry Potter among others is that the fourth unfinished book was not actually the fourth in the series of his ten titles but was supposed to be the fifth one. For some reasons or other, the writer chose to write it earlier than the actual fourth book in the series. Though reportedly the manuscript is with Eva now, she has never inherited any part of the huge proceeds that accrued from the sales of the books of Steig Larsson because despite staying for thirty years together they never got married.

Yet the charismatic magic of the books of Steig continues unabated and it was he who showed the way to later such series of fantasy novels like Harry Potter. Torch that was lighted by Steig has been successfully carried on by authors like Stephanie Meyer, J. K. Rowling, and Suzanne Collins.

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