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Nov 30th 2011 at 8:51 PM

The words of Yahuwah (GOD) were spoken through the angels to men, who in turn,relayed it to others, who then passed it down from generation to generation, verbally.

Then men began to  "write" it on walls,until someone; perhaps the earlier Sumerians,began to "write" it all down, on clay tablets or "cuneiforms".

Then as the centuries rolled by, it was written on animal skins,stones ,papyri, parchment. Then came a most revolutionary invention, the Gutenberg Press. Which finally enabled the words of GOD, to be bound together into one collection of many books. Whicn, as the centuries rolled by, became thousands, that passed through many hands in many lands.

Both writer and scholar, developed the Book even further, until finally it became the beautiful modern day bible we all love to read both in our churches and our homes, worldwide, as devout believers.

Yet, these books have been proven to contain  mistranslations, deliberate editing. Hints at older critcial "key" books and scrolls that may help to complete missing details of ancient events, appear to have been intentionally left out or hidden from the public, for one reason or another. The bible is full of historcal inaccurracies,and contradictions. This did not come about by divine error, but through men desiring to adapt it to fit their own personal idealogies. Many ancient traditions and customs,were stopped and any record of their practice were destroyed, were replaced by Pagan practices, false doctrines and traditions. These were often encouraged as good, harmless, beneficial, so Church leaders could easily control the masses.

People will do the darndest things. If there is no limit or laws restricting it!

It's true! Men are marrying men. Women are marrying women.This is destroying marriages, and breaking down the family as a strong unit. Men are falling in love with robotic dolls, and animated chatters on internet chat sites (i.e.Second Life) ! Singers are singing Grade 6 barney-like songs,that make no sense! Dancing as if high on Cocaine, and dressing like marionettes,pulling Satanic hand gestures!

Through fear, guilt, threat, punishment, deprivation,starvation, force control, they would have their way!

The first Book of the bible is called Genesis.

In Aramaic: Bershitta - "Beginnings".

In Hebrew : "Origins".

Some say Genesis has been wrongly attributed to Moses. There is proof that there are differing accounts of the stories contained within it. It has been clamed by renowned scholars, that 3-4 more people may have written it -  by the discovery of initials in the margins of ancient texts discovered. M P D or E. It has also been claimed that the book of Genesis is one book, made up of many myths from ancient Sumeria, Mesoptamia, Babylonia, and Egypt.

How it reads using the Schofield Reference Bible.

"in the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth."

How I read and interpret it.

"In the beginning..." -

At some point in time, but not time as perceived by men, a time men cannot fathom, Yahuwah ( GOD - proper name in Hebrew supposedly Iahua, Alaha in Aramaic)  created -creates - has a thought in mind, and - creates - designs, makes, produces, (made and bought into being or existence)

the heaven not heavens, (some versions have heavens) and (then) the earth - dirt.clay. or ground.The foundations.

We come to the understanding from reading this, that GOD made all, now don't we!?

We are taught this, in our churches. We believe it. Because that's how it reads. Does it not?

I have read that when the bible was translated from the Old Germanic into the Old Latin, the english word GOD, the name used for the supreme creator, was 'bastardized'  - the scribes used another  word, replacing the Old Germanic "gut" (pronounced 'goot' ) meaning "good"! And this altered the original text and the true meaning!

So I came to the conclusion that if this is fact, then this is how Genesis 1 chapter 1 vs 1 should read!

"In the beginning, "the good "...

- Elohim -EL - O - Him, the god,the gods, (could it really mean "The-GOD-of-Gods"?)

- Ufologists really love the word elohim,and that it somehow translates as "god, the gods", proving their theory/ idealogy, that Aliens indee, do exist! - perhaps a confederation of extraterrestrials through one souce, or GOD, somewhere deep in the universe,

(Definition of Elohim - according to Schofield's reference bible foot note page 5,1 is

"Elohim (sometimes El or Elah) English form "GOD," the 1st of the 3 primary names of Deity, is a uni-plural noun formed from El = strength, or the strong one, and Alah, to swear, to bind oneself by an oath, so implying fathfulness."

Not "god, the gods" as the UFOlogists proclaim. Unless in Old hebrew or Old Aramaic 'Elohim' does in fact translate as "god the gods". Maybe a certified scholar in the Hebrew language, can clear that up for me. That would be great.

My realization -The meaning of the Arabic word, "Islam" - submission, submitting, surrendering all to the will, (or) making an oath to worship GOD, ELAh or Allah!)

Scf: James 4:3. "Therefore submit yourselves unto GOD... (resist the devil and he shall flee from you!)"

So maybe the name of the Muslim's GOD -  Allah - is derived from the Hebrew word, ELAh.

Or the Aramaic - Alaha! Used in the muslim song "IL alaha La Allah".


"make and bring into being or existence, the heaven and the earth - the dirt, ground,earth, the oceans, the universe,and planets,and all we see in nature!"

With me so far?

But, I have found in one translation of the Aramaic scriptures,

and we have the testimonial - true account of events told to him - that it did happen as written - he heard it from the source that was actually present at the time - from John the Baptizer, in John 1 vs 1 - that Genesis chapter 1 vs1 that In the begiing the "manifestation" one that manifests or coes out  from another - the exact likeness of the supreme being - a dupicate copy  of the original - created or made and bought into being, or existence,the heaven and the earth!

compare John chapter 1 vs 1 with the above -

" In the beginning was the word ("logos", Old Greek, "word", points to the Christ as he spoke the words of GOD he was the mouth piece in Human form) and he was (like the, the) GOD, the image or duplicate, that which saw GOD, spoke with him, dwelt in and came out of the midst of GOD.

So Yahuwaha, GOD the father, the supreme, through Yahshua,  (Eosha, Mar'Ya Meshiak, Jesus) therefore created - made produced and bought forth into existence - all we see in the heaven and on the earth - in nature. It testifies this as fact in John chapter 1 vs 1;  that the Christ did all this. It must have been revealed John a) By GOD throught the Holy Spirit or an angel, or the Christ himself at some point!

NB The difference between the modern translations like the King James, The New World translation or The Good News bible, and the Aramaic is, that the Aramaic states the Christ created all things and bought them into existence,in the verse first 2 verses of that translation!

We don't have to wade through 70+ books to find that truth!







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