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The Proper Role of The Law

Sep 16th 2011 at 1:06 PM


The Proper Role of The Law


Brief History

My Inspiration for this blog comes from this short Masterpiece known as The Law written by this lesser known French economist, statesman, and author Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850).

He was writing in a time where France was rapidly degenerating into the seductive lure of Socialism immediately following the Revolution of February 1848. Mr. Bastiat believed the leaders of government would pervert The Law so much that it would inevitably lead to full blown Communism.

Mr Bastiat used the United States of America of the mid 19th century as the shining example of the proper role of The Law with some glaring exceptions of Tariff & Slavery. Now America has fallen for the same seductive lure that captured France back then.

I will attempt to give a brief yet simple explanation of the proper role of The Law. Enjoy ^__^


Origins of Natural Law

Life is a gift from The Creator (TC)

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The Creator has provided every human with all the internal & external natural resources needed to survive

Humans play an active role in preserving, developing, and perfecting Life

Humans make Laws to defend these natural gifts from Plunder


The Law Defined

The Law is the collective organization of the natural individual right to lawful self-defense of Life, Liberty, & Property through the proper use of force from Legal & Illegal Plunder.

The Law promotes organized justice through the prevention & enforcement of injustice only.

The Law is a Negative Concept.


Legal & Illegal Plunder Explained

Illegal Plunder: The kind of plunder that systematically threatens the foundations of society and deserves to be enforced through a just man made legal system inspired by natural law.

Examples: Theft, Murder, Fraud, Assault etc.

Legal Plunder: The perversion of The Law by the same legal system sworn to protect it. The system codifies their plunder through the improper use of The Law.

Examples: Taxation, Protectionism, Subsidies, and Entitlements


Legal plunder hides under the guise of Human Greed & False Philanthropy.

Human Greed: The fatal human tendency to live and prosper at the expense of others

False Philanthropy: Giving based on coercion instead of volunteerism

Plunder violates Self-Ownership.


Three Types of Plunder:

Limited legal plunder: This system prevailed when the right to vote was restricted. One would turn back to this system to prevent the invasion of socialism.

Universal legal plunder: We have been threatened with this system since the franchise was made universal. The newly enfranchised majority has decided to formulate law on the same principle of legal plunder that was used by their predecessors when the vote was limited.

No legal plunder: This is the principle of justice, peace, order, stability, harmony, and logic.

You can identify Legal Plunder by seeing if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.

How Socialist’s View Humanity & The Law

Humans are passive beings incapable of solving their own problems.

Humans are to be molded & managed to the Legislatures liking

The Legislature is Omnipotent & Infallible

Law as a Positive Concept

They use The Law to impose Legal Plunder upon society.

Liberty leads to monopoly

Fraternity & Charity based on coercion


The Human Dilemma

No Society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The best way to make the laws respected is to make them respectable.

When Law & Morality contradict each other, the person has the cruel alternative of either losing their moral sense or losing respect for the law.


Let’s give Liberty another try

The Creator has given to humans all that is necessary for them to accomplish their destinies. The only thing we need is the environment to develop ourselves harmoniously in the clean air of liberty. The power has always been within you to accomplish your purpose in Life ^__^


Read this for a further explanation of The Law


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