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The Process Of Metal Fabrication And The Machinery Used

Feb 16th 2015 at 12:54 AM

Manufacturing units require a lot of techniques and advanced technology to carry out their activities. Especially, when it comes to the industries that are dealing with metals, the tools that are used to get the work done are very different from the ones which we are familiar with. They are used for large scale production as well as fabrication of different products. Metals sheets have to be handled differently according to their types which can range from steel to stainless, titanium or other alloy forms.

Let us take a look at the basic machinery used in the process of metal fabrication. You can get more detailed information on them from

Amada Lasers

Amada Laser Cutting machinery is one of the most popular tool that is used for cutting different types of metal sheets. For those who don’t know this, ‘Laser’ stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Basically, it works on the concept of radiation. It functions by focusing a large amount of rays on a small area. The constant beam of light causes the area to melt and evaporate which leads to fine cutting.

There are many types of laser cutting machines available in the market including hybrid lasers, punch laser, fly-optic lasers, pivot beam laser and pulsed laser. Some of popular features of the Amada laser machine which make it the first choice for industrial operations are:

•     Metals with complex structures can also be easily cut.
•    It offers a high cutting quality.
•    It carries out fast operations and saves time.
•    It reduces production cost and improves productivity.
•    The advanced cutting features allow cutting the metal with multi dimensional shapes and profiles.
•    They are easy to operate and offer many handy services.
•    The material wasted is less due to the nesting component in the machine.

CNC press brakes

Likewise, press brakes also play an important role in metal fabrication operations. They are mainly used in bending metal sheets at different angles. Now the advanced hydraulic brakes have come in the market that allow you to even bend heavy materials. Press brakes that are CNC oriented make work all the more easier. CNC stands for Computer numerical control. The CNC press brake enhances the ability of a machine to perform complex operations without the need for handling it manually. From the punching, dyeing to bending leaf - everything is computerized unlike the manual brakes where you have to deal with each and every step of procedure.

Shear blades

Exactly like laser cutting machines and CNC press brakes, shear blades are also important in the work of metal fabrication. Sheet metal shearing is the process which involves the cutting the metal using shear blades to form metal plate sheets.

Let see how they work:

•    Two shear blades are required for carrying out this operation.
•    They will be aligned to each other.
•    One shear will go under the metal stock while the other one will remain on the top.
•    In most of the cases, one blade will be stationary while other one does the cutting.
•    The space between the two shear blades is checked before the shearing.

About The Author

Maddox Henderson is a veteran from the metal fabrication industry and has witness the field going through many transformations first hand. He also likes to write many informative articles about his understanding of the industry and the best tools for use in projects like Fanuc laser machine and more!

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