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The Process of Aluminium Extrusion Used By Tin Lead Alloy and Metal Manufacturers in India

Feb 27th 2015 at 4:07 AM

The reason why aluminium is the preferred material for construction and for aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India is because it is a very malleable and ductile material. Due to these properties, aluminium can be worked into many kinds of shapes and sizes quite easily. Aluminium is today used in aircraft engineering, in construction, and production of various goods by Tin Lead Alloy and Metal Manufacturers in India.

Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion manufacturers in india use a process in which aluminium metal is used to create objects that have cross sectional profiles. The metal is pushed or squeezed through an opening of a desired shape, also called the die, and the object is obtained. Aluminium extrusion is able to give a lot more complex shaped objects that are otherwise difficult to produce using other process. By extrusion, manufacturers are also able to create objects with hollow cavities, and also produce objects made from other metals.

The process of extrusion is fairly simple in theory. First of all, the metal, aluminium, is heated to a certain range of temperature to soften it up. It is then pushed through a die under high pressure with the help of a hydraulic ram. The metal pushes through the opening of the die, and while doing so takes the shape of the opening. The extrusions obtained are lightweight and can be employed in wide range of industrial applications.

Advantage of Using Aluminium

There are many other advantages of using aluminium for producing a variety of objects. Some of them are:

1. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion making it ideal for use in items that are exposed to corrosive environments.

2. Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and electricity, which is why it is used to make power transmission cables.

3. Aluminium has great strength and is light weight making is an ideal choice for applications which require strength but without putting too much weight on the structure.

4. Aluminium is abundant in nature and therefore is inexpensive.

5. Aluminium is also used in the form of alloys. An alloy is a combination of two or more metals. Alloys are used widely around the world. An example of a commonly used alloy is the tin lead alloy.

Aluminium extrusion is done in two processes by aluminum extrusion manufacturers in India. These are hot and cold. The hot process for alluminium extrusion involves heating the metal to a temperature range of 350 to 500 degrees Celsius. The cold process on the other hand is done at room temperature. The advantage of the hot process is that it becomes at lot easier to cast the metal into a desired shape when it is heated form.

Products Made By Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers in India

Using aluminium extrusion, manufacturers produce frames, heat sinks, profiles for tracks and other objects used for many kinds of industries.



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