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The Perfect Guide For The Perfect Wholesale Bed Sheets Suppliers

Jun 16th 2015 at 5:20 AM

The hardest point when buying a bed sheet is picking out the right print. Everything matters, its size, material, weave, thread count can make it really confusing to choose for you to choose. It becomes common to go through the night with comfort and luxury. It’s not only the indicator of softness or quality, but varies in the looks too.

Some fabrics can even fit the needs better than others. Guide to choosing the layers that’s right for you:

Price for your skin type:

One of the best choices for people with with sensitive skin is cotton than polyester. As polyester is less breathable and affordable. The type of micro fiber is composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester. The cotton layers are also reasonably priced and very breathable as they are knit rather than woven. Microfiber and jerseys don’t have the cool crispness of woven cotton.

Know your cotton:

Cotton has referred to as the highest quality, softest layers with extra long fibers that can be spun into fine, strong yarns. The other types of cotton don’t make nice pieces. It is the fabric that are woven with a high thread count making it very comfortable.

Thread count matters, but more is not the best:

Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. The thread count should be perfect for a softer fabric.

· Thread count 200-800: good pieces

· Thread count 300-400: ideal pieces (combed cotton pieces)

Don’t assume the thread count with low quality layers.  Astronomical thread counts, doesn’t necessarily mean the piece is better. The large number of tricks is present to inflate the thread count that don’t actually detract from its quality.

Weaves and other details:

There is a big factor in the decision on the fabric weave and the related manufacturing processes.

· Sateen: sateen weave produces very soft, lustrous feel but are less durable.

· Percale: crisp, durable plain weave fabric with its thread count of at least 180.

· Combed cotton: strong, soft fabric to remove the short fibers and to leave the long ones.

Chemicals & Dyes:

The sheets are chemically treated to increase the strength and decrease wrinkling. To sum up, there are other factors making quality sheets to achieve softness in a variety of ways.

Tips for finding high quality bedding and not spending more than you have to:

· Cotton sheets are described by thread count. That literally denotes number of threads in the cloth.  The higher the thread count, more durable and softer they are. It’s a lesser –quality sheet.

· Choose which are non-allergenic, less expensive and easier to wash.

· They have the power to make the texture lighter and warmer.

· Buy a couple of flat layers with the color and size to sew them together in three sides. Also sew grommets into the fourth side and close it with decorative ribbon.

· Keep less material hanging over the edge to make the bed.

· Make sure the label says that it won’t probably shrink causing fitted layers to no longer fit.

· Buy easy care cotton or thermal blankets to allow air to flow through them.

· Deep fitted sheets run anywhere from  13 inches to 22 inches depending on how thick your new mattress is. Keep it from popping off.

· Fill a decorative sham to fill completely even in the corners  to give your bed that beautiful full look.


WG Fabs offers the best of patterns and designs in wholesale bed sheets suppliers. They will make your home shine with elegance. The right choice is made available for a more traditional look, flawless quality and smudge free prints.

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