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The OKPAY payment system

Jul 16th 2011 at 7:48 AM

Accepting Payments

The OKPAY Payment Gateway allows you to accept credit cards, bank wire transfers and all e-currencies quickly and affordably. Just install payment links or buttons on your website and start accepting automatic payments. You will only need to take a few simple steps with OKPAY in order not to miss on more sales!

Online Banking

OKPAY banking services can be accessed anytime from anywhere: send wire transfers worldwide, convert the world's major currencies, accept corporate and bank cheques for cashing, etc. OKPAY gives you complete online control over your finances. Say goodbye to long queues and paper work.

Debit Card

The OKPAY Debit Card is the most convenient way to get money out of your OKPAY account. Use it worldwide at ATMs, online, or anywhere MasterCard is accepted. With OKPAY Debit Card your money is always in your pocket. Thanks to this, OKPAY is an extremely convenient platform to manage payouts!


Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

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Mar 1st 2017 at 3:11 AM by AdamBrown11
Great information,, well done
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