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The Night Before Halloween - Gate Night -Have You Heard of it?

Oct 30th 2010 at 11:21 PM

The Night Before Halloween - Gate Night -Have You Heard of it?

Here in the Midwest where I live, the Night Before Halloween (October 30th) is Called Gate Night.
In Michigan it is Called: Devil's Night or in some places: Mischief Night,  What is it called where you live? I am interested to hear.

In local stores, they will not sell anyone under 18 years of age, within the week prior to Halloween, eggs toilet paper, or soap, with out a parents permission. Even then they may refuse selling these products to the minor.
Why? Due to Eggs being thrown at houses, fences, and cars the night before Halloween.
Toilet paper being thrown up in trees. People wake up on October 31st with their trees completely filled with toilet paper. Sometimes Flat tires or soaped windows on their vehicles, if they are parked outside.
House For Sale Signs moved from one yard to another neighbors yard.
Political signs are moved around amongst neighbors yards.  Which if you are a Republican and a sign promoting others to vote Democrat is in your yard .. it does not make you very happy or visa versa.
Or wake up and find a House For Sale sign in your yard when the neighbor down the street is missing his sign. It gets a little chaotic for the next few days until every sign gets placed back in the proper neighbors yard. Toilet Paper taken down from the trees, or a good rain makes it fall from the limbs.
People need to wash their cars, houses or fences and wash the egg from them.

I was thinking tonight when did this all begin? why did it start?
Why was it called Gate Night to begin with?
I was never really clear on this, I just saw the repercussions of what happened because of it.
It made me think of all these questions, now that I am living in Town again instead of out in the country.
We didn't get much action out in the rural area, thank Goodness! But the people in town do.
So, will I wake up to Toilet paper, or have to wash my car, house, or garage?
Will our car have a flat tire? Or waxed windows?
I remember when I was a kid, I would hear the stories, of  things being done to the principals house, or a teacher some kids didn't like.
Why would kids do this? how did THEY Learn of this behavior? Who taught it to them??
Makes a person think about  things doesn't it?

The police are usually out enforcing curfew hours and patroling as many streets as they can. Plus Neighborhood Watch Volentees are on the Look out Ocbotber 30th for anyone that looks suspeicious.

I did a search for the origin or history of Gate Night. I found this:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mischief night or Gate night (also known as Devil's Night, Goosey Night, Cabbage Night and Mizzy Night in some areas) is an annual tradition in parts of England, Canada, and the United States; a night when the custom is for people (primarily teenagers and preteens) to take a degree of license to play pranks and do mischief to their neighbors. The most common date for mischief night is October 30, the day before Halloween.

Very Interesting Article regarding the History and the Terrible Effects that this night has had in Many Cities in the past that I was not aware of:

Had You heard of Gate Night Before?
Have You Experienced any of the reproscussions of it?

Hope you all have a Safe Night and Wonderful Weekend

Author Dee Westcott

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The origin and history of  Halloween

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