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I am getting up in years and many of my friends & relatives have expressed an interest in putting together a video production of their lives.

If this is something you or one of your family members or friends might be interested in please check out my article "The MyLifeStoryKit".
The MyLifeStoryKit | dakotabill
Hi - Check out my article "The MY LIFE STORY KIT". It's designed to give individuals & families an easy-to-use format to document & preserve life stories & family histories.

The MY LIFE STORY KIT was designed to give individuals & families an easy-to-use format to document & preserve life stories & family histories.

Dec 5th 2010 at 5:24 PM

You know, we all have stories to tell but, for one reason or another, it seems we just don't get around to finally bringing all those nearly forgotten memories and dusty picture albums together for our current or future generations. 

In the past, getting this done has meant hiring an interviewer, a writer or a production studio to interview us or our loved one and to put the story together as an oral history or a book - a fairly expensive proposition which is done on their schedule, not ours.

The MY LIFE STORY KIT is a Do-It-Yourself Kit which gives individuals & families the opportunity to document and preserve life stories and/or family history through oral histories, picture slide shows, videos and books at home and at a pace that they choose for themselves.
The My Life Story Kit contains an easy-to-use and inexpensive Workbook with question outlines for each stage of your life; a Documentation Guide which explains the techniques for using recorders, camcorders, webcams, speech recognition to document your Life Story in the type of project that works best for you; and a separate data storage drive with pre-loaded folders to help you document the various stages of life we have all experienced.


Well, basically, we're a collection of older people who have lived awhile and realize that we haven't done too good a job of leaving much information about our family history or our own lives for our children or grandchildren.

We, like probably some of you, haven't had the time to talk to the kids about these things.

We're "baby boomers" and older, who have raced through life, growing up, jobs, marriage, and, lo and behold, retirement.

We've had experience in conducting interviews of various kinds, including interviews for oral histories, slide show presentations and for movies of life stories.

We've made it our job to test all the various camcorders, webcams, editing software, movie-making programs and every other way to preserve and document life stories.

What we've tried to do with MY LIFE STORY KIT is to use the most inexpensive, yet effective programs possible to:
--- bring together the various component's of putting a life story together...
--- so that the average person, with a little computer knowledge, can put an organized script of life's cycles together can... can talk about their stories to their computer.
--- and, then, put these stories together in an oral history, a picture/video slide show, a movie or a book.
The Documentation Guides uses capabilities that are on your computer and we recommend only equipment that is inexpensive and easy to operate.

Unfortunately, most of the programs out there are designed for folks with a fairly high level of computer knowledge.  We've made it out job to simplify this as much as possible.

What you can do with the MY LIFE STORY KIT...
The first part of the Kit, the Workbook, includes the tools you need to get you thinking about the stages of your life and the events most important to you.
It includes a Workbook with questions to get you thinking and guides for organizing your presentation. 

Putting in the facts is important but our focus here is to talk about our experiences such as our first grade teacher; our first crush; our first camping trip; our high school hero; our 15 minutes of fame; our first boss; our first sale; our marriage or divorces; our most unforgettable moment; our biggest failure; our biggest lesson; and all the other experiences that have shaped your life.

The Documentation Guide part of the MY LIFE STORY KIT also includes guides for documenting your Life Story in a number of different ways!
As an Oral History...
Some folks are somewhat bashful about appearing in a video in any form or fashion. In this type of project, using the Workbook, you decide what you want to include in a recorded interview.

If you need help in completing your interview, we can also conduct the interview with you by telephone or Skype and, if requested, it can be transcribed at reasonable rates. The interview can also be placed on tape or a CD.
As a Narrated Slide Show...
In this type of project, you assemble your pictures, your videos or your home movies to illustrate stories you've included in your script.
A video opening and closing appearance by the individual is nice, but this is essentially a presentation using pictures.
You do a narrative for each of the pictures to provide the context for the picture, who the people are, where and when it was taken and to explain the event.
You can appear in some video but this approach relies more on pictures and one's voice. The result is a nice transitioned slide show that can be placed on a DVD.
We can also help you with this process.
As a Movie...
In this type of project, you, again, prepare your Life Story script and you simply talk before a camcorder or webcam for your stories in the same way that you would talk to someone in front of you.
Your individual video clips, pictures, and music can then be edited into your narrative in a free download and easy to use movie-making software and DVD's are prepared. We can also help.

As a Book...

This is the traditional approach to preserving one's Life Story, but because other approaches available in this Kit have not been available to everyone, we have mostly been too intimidated by the process and the cost to even begin such a project.  Using the Wookbook to get us organized, speech recognition software on most computers or available fairly inexpensively permits us to talk to our computers and type our work.  If you want to simply talk to our inexpensive digital recorder, we can also arrange for transcription of your work at very inexpensive rates.  Self publishing programs are also available.

Other Uses...
In addition to preparing an oral history, a slide show, a movie of book of your life, the procedures outlined can also be used for a variety of other purposes such as keeping a daily or weekly diary, preparing Little League season videos or pictures, bringing together vacation or trip videos or pictures, or even documenting an automobile accident.
The webcams can also be used with Skype, Windows Live Messenger or other video chat programs and interview sessions with family members, friends or others can also be recorded for use in your Life Story

Order Your My Life Story Kit!!!
The My Life Story Kit includes:
1)   A My Life Story Work Book with proposed questions in each Life Story category and space for notes.

2)   A Documentation Guide with detailed instructions for installing a webcam on your computer, using the webcam to record your interviews, videos, pictures; storing your work on your computer hard drive and the included Flash Drive; editing your videos and pictures in a movie-maker software and producing your slide show or movie on a DVD.

3) A 4 GB Flash Drive for separate data storage. The drive includes pre-loaded folders and video.
4) A sealable storage folder for your pictures, scrapbook clipping, notes...

PRICE: $59.99 plus $5.00 shipping.

We have a 30-Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee.

To pay with PayPal go to:             

Your order will be shipped within 2-3 days following receipt of your payment.

Many Thanks!

Remember, if you have any questions or need any help at all, call us at...
... or email us at

Lifetime Projects is an enterprise of TETON Associates, Inc., Denver, CO. USA

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Dec 7th 2010 at 4:46 PM by philjansen
Bill hi, what an awesome idea you have here! It will also be more exiting if you can design a blog or website and show off your product with images and more detail. Please contact me , should you require more information. Blessings! -

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