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2 years ago

The Mind of a Millionaire-Is it rich or poor?

Jul 11th 2012 at 12:55 PM

We all have wishes and dreams of one day becoming rich or should I say wealthy. We will ask ourselves many questions concerning the subject of what is the mindset of a millionaire?

To become a millionaire you have to have the millionaire mindset. Do you know that millionaires don’t think like poor people? Do you want to know some of the differences between the two?

First off let’s get into our mind. The mind is powerful. Anything that enters your mind starts with a thought. It can be a negative thought or a positive thought. As we all have seen, read, and heard of millionaires we know that their dreams started with a positive thought. Even when others thought it didn’t make any sense.

A millionaire thinks like this and displays their actions in this manner:

  • “I create my life”
  • He/She is committed to being rich
  • Think big and sees the big picture
  • Focus on opportunity
  • Admires other rich and successful people
  • Associates with positive, successful people
  • Are willing to promote themselves and their value
  • Are excellent receivers
  • Choose to get paid based on results
  • Focus on their net worth
  • Manage their money well
  • Have their money work hard for them

On the other hand this is how the poor person thinks and reactions to having a millionaire mindset:

  • Life happen to me
  • Poor people want to be rich
  • Poor people think small
  • They associate themselves with negative and unsuccessful people
  • Poor people are not risk takers
  • Poor people think negative about selling and promotion
  • They are smaller than their problems
  • They do not receive well
  • Poor tell choose to get paid based on time
  • Poor people let fear stop them

As you can see these comparisons are very opposite. There are many books that are available on the many millionaires around the world. Their books will express the type of millionaire mindset it took to become a millionaire. I highly recommend this book and I urge you to give it a good read. The Secrets of the Millionaire: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. Here is the link.

It all will start with a thought in your mind. Flow with your thoughts and work with them and let the positive energy from your mind make your dreams come true.

“Become the millionaire you are meant to be”

Ann Moses


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