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The Love of Life

Jun 2nd 2011 at 1:53 PM


The Love of Life

That which animates us knows itself, and as itself there is no doubt. We experience doubt as a function of
perception which is the mind’s estimate at reality, but how can the unreal create the real?

So the mind then decides that if it cannot create reality, it is definitely going to gain the trust of all other passengers on the ride and then its power will be magnified by the agreement reality in which it is the savior and ruler.

The sane part of the mind is now held hostage to a body which itself has no power inherently but follows the command of the mind which is now partially insane thereby leaving it susceptible to all forms of seeming attack from an external world which through perception is now of the mind’s own making .

And so what was once a perfectly whole and healthy mind has now turned on itself or at least half of itself. It is thoroughly convinced that if the other half of the mind would just believe it, it would totally be able
to create just as that which created it and so it’s only job becomes the eradication of the opposing half, but it still must fail because the same body that houses that half also houses it’s mortal existence. Therefore in its insanity it continuously devises tricks to turn on itself in an attempt to derive autonomy which will always be impossible, as all that can be achieved is its own destruction.

It knows not where it goes but feels that anywhere else is better than here; however, that is not true either because as the eternal beings that we really are, the mind is left to fulfill its function beyond the grave, hence the existence of ghosts etc. who walk the earth attached to the things that the mind desires, until the attachments are cut.

The healing of such minds is however possible for those who have developed the
ability to see and converse with these trapped minds and one such being is in the form of my beloved Tara Antler, who has devoted this lifetime to healing the minds and body attachments of those who are in such places of uncertainty and confusion.

The thing that is necessary in this process though is that since the mind is such a trickster, she herself sometimes has to check in with reality in order to stay on path and that is where the masculine energy which is grounded in the earth serves to create sanity in that it is able to see beyond a shadow of a doubt the mind’s tricks and diffuse them in the primary stages. The relationship between these two beings is definitely the ultimate team effort and the love and light is always present in such a divine union.

An excerpt from The Life of God as “me”

written by Gabriel Quincy Collymore


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Jun 7th 2011 at 7:39 PM by leviro
It's beautiful idea, King... I think it'll be great for all of us when I share this article into my twitter. I'm sorry if this act without your permission... (^^,)

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