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The Insta Way Of Doing Business

Sep 18th 2015 at 2:30 AM

Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, then there is a lot of hard work you put in to attract customers and boost sales, whether it be of services or your products. The fact is, it isn’t easy at all. Frist off, there is already a lot of existing competition in nearly every field you can think of, and in addition to that the customers hardly pay any attention to new comers unless they have something innovative to offer. This cut-throat competition is difficult to tackle also in the terms of reputation and brand name. Think of it this way – the word “jeans” immediately draws the Levi’s logo in your head, doesn’t it? The power of brand name is a tough one to contest. The question is, in this world of such stringent rules in competition, how do you tackle marketing? How do you put yourself out there in the world, how do you get the people to know you’re here? Any answer? The answer is in social media. That’s right. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all these social networks can help you get better marketing results than what you would achieve without using them.

The logic is simple enough to understand. Social media websites have taken over in such a way in people’s lives that it practically has become a record of their activities, something like their online journal. The advent of smartphones and the linking of all the accounts through sync right on-the-go has enabled people to check and update their social media profile frequently. This resource of populace can be tapped to an advantage for the marketing requirements your business needs. You need to set up a social media account, say, on Instagram, and get Instagram followers through whatever protocol the website follows. Then you can start advertising your business on Instagram through images and other tools available to you. The people who follow your business page will eventually start receiving updates, follow-ups and notifications, and this will help you connect with more people in a jiffy. The comments and likes will become important tools for you to understand what people expect from your products and services: it will become a kind of real-time feedback.

With the most recent tool additions on Instagram, soon available to you will be the services of running advertisement campaigns on Instagram – and added benefit. Businesses who adopted this mode of marketing have reported that they saw a significant increase in order inflow and an improvement in client/customer relations.

How to get followers on Instagram is no longer a difficult question. In fact, it isn’t even a question. You can visit websites that offer you to buy real Instagram followers, and even some websites that create fake ones for you (the fake ones are not what you need though.) For your business to spread globally, the user pool you follow will eventually make your products visible to them, and thus your products and services will become known and discussed. This was just one social media website – imagine what having accounts on others too would fetch.

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John Statham is an expert on the social media app- Instagram and loves writing informative articles and blogs, helping people as well as businesses in making the most of this platform to enhance their online presence. He recommends as the best website to buy real followers on Instagram.

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