The Importance of Efficient Storm Water Program

Apr 30th 2015 at 2:49 AM

Storm water runoff usually include rain that fall in parking areas, streets, sports field, rooftops, gravel lots an different developed lands. It is a mixture of many things like pesticides, fertilizers and many other chemicals spilt on the floors. Coolants, metals and grease are also found in the water. Besides this it includes-

• Soaps from equipment or automobile washing

• Soil from the bare ground or the construction site

• Bacteria from septic systems an pets

• Leaky storage containers

• Accidental spills

• Tobacco spilt

This runoff will be rushed into storm drains, gutters, lakes, bays, rivers, streams etc. the worst thing is this water is not even cleaned before entering the storm water runoff. It has become the main problem in many countries.

Steps you could adopt

There are many things that you can do to minimize the storm water problems. You have to maintain your truck or car. Make sure that you do not dump anything down a nearby storm rain. If possible, you could recycle the antifreeze, oil, fluids etc. In order to clean your car, you could visit a nearby commercial wash center. You could avoid cleaning your vehicle in any driveway or street.

How driving less will protect storm water runoff

You could drive less to protect the environment. You could leave your vehicle at home at least twice a week. You could rather carpool the vehicle, take bus etc. if you wish to buy a new vehicle, you could select a low emission one. Besides this, you could avoid the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. If you still want to use them, you could follow the direction of use. However, you could use them sparingly. You must not fertilize before a rainstorm. You could always use organic fertilizers.

You could find storm water quality program online. These programs are important to maintain topmost quality of water. You could make a list of some of the renowned programs in your neighborhood. Further, you could shortlist the best program as per your need and budget.  These programs are best to maintain your community’s storm water system. Moreover, they are important to protect natural resources and flooding.

Avoid over watering the lawn

The lawns need great mowing, watering and caring. Hence, it is better to remove some part of your lawn. You could rather grow drought resistant and native plants. In order to improve the growth of plants you could add the compost to planting soil. You have to ensure that you never over -water the lawns once you have applied the commercial products. If you overwater the land, it will send great amount of fertilizers and pesticides into the drain.

You have to keep the animals away from streams. You could dispose your pet’s poop properly. Besides this, you could install fences and other necessary structures to keep horses, animals and cows away. You could clean the patios and sidewalks with dustpan or a broom and dump them in dustbin. You could avoid washing the garbage with garden hose.

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