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The Importance Of AA Meetings

Sep 22nd 2014 at 11:31 PM

Alcoholics Anonymous is helping people deal with their drinking problems in a scientific manner and find an effective solution that allows them to stay away from this debilitating habit. AA Big Book contains 12 easy to follow steps that can lead to a life changing experience. Addiction management is a difficult process and for alcoholics it may seem like a never-ending road. Thank God, because there is help at hand in the form of regular meetings where people dealing with this problem can get together, discuss matters, and seek help.

The underlying theory behind Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is that only a fellow dealing with this problem can help and others. They are the best people to know the underlying reasons why a person takes to drinking and simply cannot stop after a point. In such a scenario, you are not only admitting that you are an alcoholic, but also making the announcement amidst a room full of people. Doing this certainly requires a high degree of courage and conviction that you can outgrow this habit, which is gradually eating you up from within.

It is important to remember that AA meetings are not religious in nature. It uses a variety of aids, such as AA chips and coins to get the point across and increase awareness among the invitees. At these meetings, alcoholics come together, both to provide support, as well as receive it from fellow sympathizers. The most crucial thing about these meetings is that these are completely non-judgmental. This is important because if an alcoholic is made to feel guilty, which they may already be feeling, there is a high chance of trying to escape from such situations. In order to ensure that this does not happen, development of a non-accusatory environment is crucial.

This helps in acknowledgement of problem, which is highly important because this can be the first step towards rebuilding of lives. The meetings are held at various places and one can contact the officials for participation. There is no fees system present in order to attend such gatherings. An interesting fact about the AA meetings is that there are no officials to preside the proceedings. Only alcoholics attend. Doctors, social workers, and counselors are never allowed inside the meeting. Again, there is no concept of a group leader or somebody leading the occurring.

As the name suggests, all the meetings held are anonymous and confidential. Whether you want to dive in your name is your own prerogative. There is absolutely no compulsion present. You can take active participation or remain mute throughout. The best thing about these meetings is that you never feel pressurized or compelled to do something you do not want. With popularity of the Internet medium, increasing manifold, naturally cyber meetings are becoming popular these days. Coordination and conduction of such meetings occur via the web. This increases the level of anonymity and facilitates viewer participation to a higher degree. AA coins and other paraphernalia associated with the meeting are also available online these days at the stores like

About The Author

Reyna Watson is a leading therapist who helps people come out of their various addictions. She is a staunch supporter of the Alcoholics Anonymous and propagates the use of their methods and theories to all her clients for coming out of their alcohol addictions. She also recommends the AA Big Book to all her patients to help them find the inspiration they need to break free of the dependence on the substance.

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