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The Evolution of Betting

Sep 8th 2015 at 5:29 AM

Betting has been in the blood of humans since very ancient times. Even in the era of Neanderthal man, there was betting involved each day for survival – betting at each and every turn to stay alive. Even the discovery of fire must have been a wager: man chose to risk his life, giving in to the curiosity of knowing more about this thing called “fire”. It is because of this bet that he won – a step that changed the world. Betting has been in existence longer than one would think. In the later stages of human evolution, in the era of kings and queens, betting was rampant and almost always accompanied the spilling of blood. Animal fights and races, making fighters fight until death and betting on the stronger one – gambling was everywhere.

Betting at a large scale and even at micro scales has always been in existence since as long as humans have been in existence. In ancient Rome and places where blood-filled betting was involved, violence and death was a common scene. People earned off it. The interesting fact is that European countries had a great influence over the entire world. This caused betting to spread its wings and fly off to any and every place where Europe had any business. Soon enough though, the blood-spilling started to distance itself from the betting games, and very thankfully so. Involvement of harmless games and sports with big rewards now became the trend – spill less blood but offer a fortune. Betting had now become a very lucrative business if one knew the stakes and strategies well.

The onset and happening of the world wars put a stopper on this for a while, but being humans, it was difficult to restrain from something that paid so beautifully. The next phase of betting began in the 1950s from when it just kept growing. The field of sports kept itself at the first and the most favored sport in the betting circles. Studying and analysing football odds, participating in horse racing betting and many other sports are now extremely popular and integrated well with betting. Recently, betting has become available to each and every individual through a new mode – online gambling.

Online betting websites have become one of the major players in the betting industry. This is owed to the convenience of having nothing to do with the outside world – just sit at home on your computer, place your stakes and take the dough. Those who want to play it safe have the option of doing so through participating in the bets of lower stakes. An online sport betting has made things more transparent and has made possible the mode of peer-to-peer betting, counting middlemen out of the loop entirely. In this peer-to-peer mode, the gamblers can have their own private betting game over the internet, regardless of what is going on at a collective level. Sports betting sites are opening up portals that are more and more flexible to accommodate to the betting population.

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