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The Evils Which Follow Satta Matka And Other Forms Of Gambling

Aug 19th 2015 at 3:17 AM

There is no secret about the fact that gambling is addictive and once a person gets hooked onto it, he or she stands the risk of getting their whole life destroyed by these satta matka gambles.  The lengths that people go to once they have been addicted to gambling are mind boggling. Some of the most prominent social evils which come out of playing matka or sattamatka are as follows:

Losing All Your Wealth

Once a person starts playing a gambling game, he just cannot stop. He may realize that the risk that he is taking with each bet is beyond his means, yet the addiction to gambling is so strong that he just cannot stop himself. People have sold off their properties and become bankrupt in order to pay off their gambling debts. These people, who once lived in luxurious homes, are now living on the streets and begging or doing meager jobs in order to feed their families. Gambling has destroyed many families.

Domestic Violence And Alcoholism

Another other common evil which comes out of playing Kalyan matka or satta king or any other similar lottery or gambling game is alcoholism which eventually leads to domestic violence. Drinking goes with the flow of gambling and you will never find a gambler playing on a table and not having a drink along with the game. After drinking the sensibilities of these people also reduce and when the families refuse to pay for their gambling addiction, they resort to violence.


Heavy financial losses can make any person go into depression. The prospect of living the life of a popper can be very scary for many people. Besides, the guilt of having destroyed the lives of all the other family members can also cause depression in a person. There are many cases which have been reported where gamblers have resorted to suicide after having incurred heavy losses in their gambles. The number of suicides among gamblers is so high that it can be easily said that suicide is a part of gambling.

Illegal Activities

In order to make good the losses incurred during a game of gamble, people take on huge debts from their relatives and the market, in the hope that when they double the amount through their winnings in the gambling game, they will easily repay the loans. However, in most of the cases, luck does not favor these people and they end left with huge debts which they need to pay off under all circumstances. At such times, many of these gamblers resort to doing illegal activities like robbery, murder, etc. in order to make quick money and pay off their debts. The rate of crime which is consequent of gambling is very high.

It is not like people who gamble are not aware of the fact that what they are doing is wrong and they need to stop, it is just that gambling addiction is just like drug addiction and the victims are not in a position to stop themselves. They need medical help in order to stop gambling.

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