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The Effects Of Saltwater On Home Windows

Jul 14th 2015 at 5:32 AM

Saltwater has a variety of negative effects on home exteriors if it is not properly cleaned. Learn how to protect your home today.

As weather systems change and more and more coastal areas experience strong storms that come inland, larger and larger areas of the country are being affected by a maintenance issue that used to only both homeowners with oceanfront properties. That problem is saltwater and its long-term co-conspirator: salt buildup.

In general, salt has a corrosive effect on many natural building materials because of its ability to draw moisture out. This can affect wooden construction, including window frames and sills, and over time persistent salt buildup can lead to dry rot, leaks, and other window issues. In addition to that, saltwater is a conductor of electricity, which gives it certain properties that can cause it to corrode or degrade some artificial materials if it comes into prolonged contact with them. These effects can be as light as a little weathering and discoloration, or they can be highly corrosive, and it depends both on the amount of exposure and on the building materials used.

Homeowners in coastal areas are used to this, and they keep their homes from being affected by persistent salt buildup and saltwater exposure by having them regularly power washed, which helps to liberate deposits before they can start to work on your home. Luckily, the brackish water thrown around during most storms has a much lower salt content than ocean water does, and the further from the coast you are, the less pronounced the effects of the salt will be, because it will be more and more diluted.

Even water with a fairly low salt content can pose a maintenance concern, though, so regular window washing is a good idea if you live in an area affected by offshore storm fronts. This keeps salt deposits from developing in areas where they might compromise the window seals and other crucial hardware, lengthening the life of your windows and helping to preserve your home’s value. Depending on how heavily your area is affected by these weather patterns, it can also be worthwhile to perform full exterior cleanings regularly, to give the same benefits to your home’s siding and other construction features.

It can be hard to see the damage caused by slow but persistent environmental hazards until after they begin to cause everyday problems. To prevent this, regular home maintenance and cleanings are vital. They not only eliminate the causes of many home maintenance problems, they also provide opportunities for inspection that can make a big difference by catching developing problems early. To learn more about residential window cleaning in San Diego, visit this website.

Author Bio:-

David has years of experience in both commercial and residential cleaning. You can find his thoughts at Livejournal blog.

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