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The C.R. Ecker Band

May 24th 2012 at 5:33 AM
Description: Three of C.R. Ecker's stirring love songs and his legacy song lamenting the economic troubles of our time herald this 2012 Winter-Spring Music Submit playlist, in line with his band's slogan - 'Music Made in America and Heard 'Round the World.'



Bio: Since The C.R. Ecker Band launched its first eleven song album in the Summer of 2011, it has quickly established itself as a Country music group with style and flare. And while airplay on traditional AM/FM has yet to catch on in the United States, songs from this Los Angeles based group have been played on over two dozen Internet radios globally, with accolades ranging from America’s Top Country Band from Real Country, Japan to “one of the best Indie bands” in the U.S. from Splash Radio (U.K.)

And to top it off for a new band, the group has cracked the Top 40 Country Charts in France and Italy (compiled by the European Country Music Association) and is being considered in a competition with nine other performers for “Artist of the Year” on Starliner’s Radio Network, Holland.

This compilation includes the lead and title song of the first album, known in full as “Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke.) The song was featured in an initial musicSUBMIT playlist, but things have changed since then so it is making a return appearance.

First off, the song now sits in both websites devoted to the long-term unemployed in America, proving a point by composer C.R. Ecker that it is a modern day equivalent to “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” and was recently the featured topic on Global Talk Radio and the New 99ers Radio program geared toward those who have been hit the hardest by our tough times. And a writer for MLIVE.com, the State of Michigan Department of Employment site, called the song “An important song, a song to love!”

All this from a tune that was written and recorded in 1991 by the original members of The C.R. Ecker Band, when all hope was lost it would ever get off the ground during the “pocket depression” affecting the Los Angeles area at the time, as described by the Los Angeles Times. This was the last song the band recorded before the digital music revolution gave it new life. Ecker wrote the song reflecting the collective frustrations of group members, saying "This may not go anywhere now, but maybe some day it, and us, will rise like a Phoenix!"

Fast forward to January, 2012, as the group began to prepare to move production to Nashville from its Eagle Rock, CA base, a small community of Los Angeles in the shadows of Dodger Stadium. Ecker decided the depth and reach should be expanded, so the call was made to bring in Michael Stanton, a legendary California Country music singer, to command the microphone for a four-song set with an increased emphasis on production. What you hear on this playlist is a heart-felt tribute by a man to his woman in the emotional “When God Created You.”

At the same time, Hollywood’s Susie Stevens, who has made a marquee name for herself with her vocals on TV shows including “The Simpsons” and movies such as “World Trade Center” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is featured on three songs in the band catalogue. Spotlighted on this compilation is “I Believe in You,” a stirring affirmation of love, no questions asked.

This was a transitional song for the band, as the basic vocal and drum tracks were laid down in Eagle Rock with the master tape sent to Music City for added instrumentation at the group’s new production facility there.

And lastly for this compilation, Amber Rose, one of the fastest rising performing talents in Nashville, sings with force and flair “Your Smile Says it All.” This is the first fully produced song by The C.R. Ecker Band in its new digs, but of extra special interest. It is a Country re-cast with no lyric changes of a Pop song Ecker wrote in 1987, before the band was “officially formed” but using many of the original musicians, as a wedding present for his new wife.

The two decided that a new version by the band would make a wonderful “joint” diamond anniversary gift to each other, and Amber certainly delivered the present! So the two versions, with corresponding instrumental covers, are being released on their April 25th anniversary date over the digital downloaders as a four song set.

We hope you will enjoy following the continued evolution of The C. R. Ecker Band in these songs, as it expands its musical spectrum with female vocals, duets and continued strong efforts by its male balladeers.

For the men and women who The C.R. Ecker Band move, including arrangers/mixers Tim Horrigan in Los Angeles, and Stacy Hogan in Nashville, all is good in the Country neighborhood.

Chris Hawk, presenter of 'American Thunder' on Splashradio, perhaps summed up the tenacity of the band as follows: "There are times when I come across a group that really impresses me with not only their passion in the music they write but how genuine they are with the contact I receive from them. It not only shows that they truly ‘get it’ when it comes to what getting their music out to the masses means but it also makes reviews like this one easy for the author. Out of the Los Angeles area in California “The C.R. Ecker Band” is a country group with a message in every one of its songs that reaches out to you to express the thoughts of not only the band but also on the journey some encounter going through life. Their journey has not been easy, as many indie groups have found over the years."



Press Release: The C.R. Ecker Band again displays creativity and ingenuity in this compilation of three songs from the Winter and Spring of 2012, starting off with “Your Smile Says it All,” a 25th Wedding Anniversary present from C.R. Ecker and his wife to each other. A fourth makes its way again onto the musicSUBMIT playlist by popular demand.

“Your Smile Says it All” is a complete Country music recasting of a 1987 Pop version that Ecker composed for his new bride as his wedding present to her, performed live directly after their nuptials.

The new version is sung by the vibrant Amber Rose of Nashville and represents the first fully-produced song by the band at its new digs in Music City.

The two versions, along with accompanying instrumental covers, will go on sale through all the major music download services April 25th to coincide with the couple's 25th Wedding anniversary date.

Also in this compilation is “I Believe in You,” a stirring affirmation of love, no strings attached, sung by Hollywood’s Susie Stevens, along with a forceful and earnest tribute from a man to his woman, performed by L.A.’s Michael Stanton, long considered one of the leading male country singers in the West, entitled “When God Created You.”

And with the growing attention paid to “Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke) which represented the lead and album title song of the band’s first entry into the digital downloading marketplace last Summer, it is back on the playlist.

Since its launch, the song has found a home on the two American websites devoted to the long-term unemployed – 99ers.net and “Help the 99ers.” And it has been played in 26 countries so far, been featured on CNN and was described by a writer for the State of Michigan Department of Unemployment on its website as an “important song, a song to love.”

Notes Ecker about the song originally written and recorded in 1991 during what was a very bad recession in America, “this ‘anthem of American angst’ is rightfully staking a musical benchmark claim in our current turbulent economic times much like ‘Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’ did in the Great Depression. The late Andrew Breitbart, who broke the story of the song last Summer, told me in the Fall that he got its message, that it was not meant to tear people down, but build them up. And that it is why it is gaining attention all over the world.”

Additionally, "Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke) has been aligned with the apolitical 2012 "Solidify Main Street" voter education website to help Americans who have become, in the words of Ecker, "disenchanted, dazed and confused" make informed choices in the upcoming elections by explaining, in detail, the American political party process without bias.





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