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The Common Culprits of Toilet Backup

Dec 10th 2015 at 3:12 AM

Fewproblems are more unpleasant than a toilet that does not flush. You plunge and plunge, yet still the water refuses to drain. While some clogs can easily be cleared with a plunger or auger, other problems are systemic and significantly more difficult to locate. These issues often require professional assistance from a plumber who knows where and for what to look.

One of the more frequent clogoffenders is an abundance of toilet paper. When a large amount of paper is flushed, it becomes too dense to dissolve, lodging it in the drainpipe. Usually a good, hard plunge can clear the pipe, but occasionally, with deeper clogs, a plumber is needed to remove the bowl to access the drain directly. Furthermore, blockages, such as plant debris, in the main sewer lines connected to your household can also lead to a flush failure. This will also need to be addressed by a professional who can use special techniques, such as video technology, to investigate the source of the blockage.

A more serious cause of toilet backup is a damaged sewer line. Although a pipe can fail for a variety of reasons, tree roots are one of the most common. If trees grow near your underground sewer lines, then you run the risk of the roots constricting or penetrating the drainage pipes. Once this occurs, the pipe will need to be dug up and replaced, which is why many homeowners opt to remove the trees near their sewer lines.

If your house is connected to a septic tank, your toilet troubles could be a result of a blocked leach line. Your septic tank uses a leach system to reintroduce nutrients back into the soil. However, if your tank is not properly maintained, sedimentcan accumulate in the lines, leading to a backup in the septic system. With your tank now full of water—and other stuff—your toilet has nowhere to drain. A blocked leach line requires immediate attention from septic tank experts.

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never a fun time, but it should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Often a blocked or slow drain indicates a larger systemic issue that cannot be solved with simply a plunger. To keep your pipes free of debris and buildup, periodically enlist a plumbing professional toinspect and clean your drainage systems. Don’t let the time your kid flushes the car keys down the toilet be the time you discover you have a broken drainpipe. If you are in need of drain cleaning in Oceanside, visit this website for more information.

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