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The Best 5 Tips for Keeping You and Your Car Safe in Rainy Conditions

Mar 24th 2020 at 2:29 PM

It’s pouring rain out and you are on the road. What is one of the main reasons tow truck companies are called? Rainy conditions causing you to end up in the ditch! How do you protect yourself and your vehicle from crashing when it’s raining?

1. Additional Car Length

Stop tailgating that person in front of you! If you follow too closely you have a high risk of rear-ending the vehicle in front of you. No one wants to ruin their car and have to call for a tow. When it’s raining, it is even more important that you keep your distance while driving. What can happen when you don’t give plenty of room between you and the car in front of you in the middle of a downpour? Your vehicle can hydroplane causing you to lose control much quicker than on dry roads. If you need to stop suddenly, the extra distance between vehicles can prevent you from crashing. Sitting on someone’s bumper during rainy conditions will land you in their back seat if you have to hit the brakes!

2. Headlights – On!

Turning those headlights on in the rain means improved visibility for you. Drivers around you can see you better because the light breaks through a downpour, alerting everyone to your whereabouts on the roadway. Who knew lights were so crucial in saving you from a possible crash during difficult driving conditions.

3. Avoid Puddles

It might be fun to splish splash in water puddles on your daily walk but in a vehicle, aiming for standing water can make you lose control of your car. You want to avoid puddles of water even if they ARE a little tempting. Why should you try to stay away from splashing through stagnant water? A puddle may be much deeper than it appears, and you could get stuck. Your vehicle’s air intake may suck in water and hydrolock. What is hydrolocking? A mechanical issue that happens when your vehicle is meant to compress gas but instead gets water inside the intake.

4. Use Your Defrost

Why is it so difficult to see when rain hits? The cold, moist temperature outside combines with the heat inside your car and fogs up your windows. You need to see outside clearly to know if you are staying in your lane and away from other vehicles. Keeping your windshield clear of fog can help you avoid hitting a person or animal on a rainy night. Keep from crashing and use both front and rear defrost; staying visually alert keeps you safe.

5. Windshield Wiper Capability

Are your windshield wipers working properly or have they worn out over the years? As much as you don’t want to purchase new windshield wipers, you should do so to make sure they work when you need them most. You could be driving on a sunny day but if it suddenly starts to rain then you need your wipers to clear away the backsplash from other cars on the road. When buying windshield wipers, you should look for quality wipers that will do their job to keep your windshield clear. Better windshield wipers typically mean water gets efficiently wiped away, leaving you without a distorted view.

Even though you pay attention to all these tips, sometimes accidents happen. What do you do if your vehicle is stranded in the rain? Not to worry as Setup Towing is on the ready to get you and your vehicle out of a tricky situation!

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