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The Benefit Of Clean Solar Panels

Jul 13th 2015 at 5:45 AM

Cleaning your solar panels will improve their power output. It can even help lengthen their functional life.

Many homeowners who install solar panels for the first time wind up learning about their care and maintenance as they go. This allows them to figure out both what they actually need to do to ensure that their new energy setup is working for them, and also how to get the best performance for their climate and time of year. This often means that they do not realize the difference in power generation that can come when panels accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Even before any blockage becomes visible, buildup on each panel’s protective glass cover can reduce the amount of light that each individual solar cell receives and processes. In fact, keeping your solar panels clean is the single best way to ensure that they keep working at peak capacity.

Depending on who you ask, reduction in power generation from dirty panels can reach as high as 25 to 30 percent. For many people, this can be the equivalent of several panels in the array not working at all. Obviously, the amount of generative power lost is going to be quite variable, and it will not reach those higher levels of interference unless the panels are really grimy. That can happen quicker than you think, though. Pollution, bird droppings, and particles in rain are all common in many areas of the country. In addition to that, dust storms, dirt devils, and other seasonal wind disturbances can accelerate the buildup of these deposits, and even a five percent energy loss can make the difference between generating all of your own power and having a monthly electric bill again.

The best plan is to have solar panels regularly cleaned. If your solar array is in an easy-to-reach place, then you can clean them the same way you would any exterior windows, and the process does not take much longer than doing your own windows. A lot of solar panels are on rooftops or arranged in arrays that are tall enough to pose a challenge to the casual cleaner, though, and in those cases it can be a huge benefit to have them professionally cleaned.

The same cleaners you call for stubborn second-story exteriors and other hard-to-reach glasswork can also ensure that your solar panels enjoy the same deep clean and long-lasting clarity that you get from your seasonal window cleaning. In fact, solar panels accumulate dust and dirt at about the same rate as your home windows, so scheduling a cleaning to coincide with your existing washing schedule is easy to remember and repeat. To learn more about solar panel cleaning in Sorrento Valley, please visit this site.

Author Bio:-

David has years of experience in both commercial and residential cleaning. You can find his thoughts at cleaning advice blog.

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