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The Advantages of Wearing Waist Cinchers

Aug 10th 2015 at 9:22 AM

You’ve seen pictures of Jessica Alba and the Kardashians wearing waist cinchers and proudly showing it on Instagram. And you’ve heard stories of how women have been able to achieve a whistle-bait figure using the modern-day corset. But the question is, can it really help you get a slimmer figure? And what other benefits can you get from using one?

A waist cincher first emerged in Europe during the 15thcentury. Back then it was called the corset. It was worn outside of the clothing and was mostly considered a fashion statement.

Instant Results

Experts agree that if you’re looking to look really thin, then wearing a waist cincher from brands like Ann Chery and Ann Michell would help.

A spokesperson for The Obesity Society, Dr. Caroline Apovian of the Boston University School of Medicine says the use of a waist cincher can make a woman look slim and fit. She adds that wearing a waist cincher, or waist trainer, can boost a woman’s confidence and may even encourage her to work out regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

Waist trainers are often made of latex material that enables them to maintain a tight hold on the body, while increasing thermal body temperature.   This leads you to lose water weight, which can lead you to lose a few pounds and make your waist look super tiny.

Waist trainers cause the re-distribution of fats in the trunk, giving the impression that you have an hourglass shape.  And it can accentuate your curves.  As such, wearing a waist trainer for an evening should not be a problem, if you’re only hoping to look good in the photos.  

Improves Posture

Aside from making you look slim, a waist trainer can also improve your posture because it prevents you from slouching. A waist trainer restricts your movement to a certain degree, so you won’t be able to hunch or exhibit a bad posture. It also keeps the spine straight, improving the overall posture of the wearer as a consequence.

When you exhibit good posture, you don’t only look good. It can also help in preventing fatigue and back pain, aside from prolonging the longevity of the bones and joints.
However, there are also some disadvantages of wearing a waist trainer. One is that it can be very uncomfortable to wear. Secondly, it won’t make you lose weight. To do that, you still have to go the traditional route which is to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Still, the benefits of waist trainers can be very intriguing enough for you to try one.  If you’re looking for quality and reasonably priced waist cinchers, you can go to and check out its line-up of waist trainers.

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