Taste of Heaven

Mar 20th 2013 at 2:40 PM

It is used to be my sleeping time at 8am this morning, awhile ago I ask grandma(lola) to go to slip and I'm at her side only, told her that if she could feel me or she's past asleep. Mama said she needed to get a smoke breaktime so I allowed it but I told her dat it should not that too long as I am feeling a weirdness that she's somehow will stop breathing. As I was about to fall asleep I suddenly felt I needed to look at her since I cannot feel her presence anymore. I shouted and told her to open her eyes, she did but quiet and it didn't last long, I told the nurse shell be stopping to breath in few minutes time if we will not do anything, but the nurse said her heart pulse is way too normal to go on a panic mode. So I hurriedly ask mama to go back as grandma(lola) is showing sumthing weird signs I cannot explain. But then my eyes cud not keep up so I went to sleep only to find out that grandma (lola) will soon meet up my grandfather up there in heaven as I woke up.
When the doctor declared that they could not revived grandma(lola) and she said we needed to go back inside the room and say our goodbye's...
Grandfather (Lolo) was there, at the door beside the ultra shining light at the door of the hospital room, he was well dressed, very handsome looking spanish decent man with very long pointed noise and somehow a skin like that of a maniquin, or so to speak Eduardo guttierez back at her youthful age. Grandfather (Lolo) standing straight back and pulling neatly his trouser/americana like that on their wedding day, eventhough I was not there yet at that time of their wedding. The hospital room was like at peace, serenity filled over the entire place as I was looking to the many white hazes flying over to and fro the hospital room. Fog, petals, musical notes and glitter colored pearly white sorrounds the entire room at the end of the bed of grandmother ( lola), I cannot hear if those whites we're singing.joyfully praising Our Lord Jesus or rejoicing that a new wedding will be done up there as grandpa (lolo) and grandma (lola) renews their vows in Heaven. I am feeling peace when looking over the entire place full of joy on their faces especially grandfather ( Lolo) whose eyes are excited too get hold of grandmother(lola). It didn't last that long as I was not able to get enough slip, my headache worsens. I stopped, looked at grandmother (lola) and started crying again but soon enough, the whites dissappeared, the petals the musical notes the harps and grandfather(lolo), was nowhere to be found.
Now grandmother(lola) still at the hospital bed and my tears still can't stop my tears falling into my cheeks...

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