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Tajweed Rules – Pronounce and Enunciate Quran to Reap Maximum Benefits

May 11th 2015 at 1:19 PM

Tajweed are the rules imposed on proper pronunciation of words during the recital of the Quran. Basic Arabic knowledge is necessary for reading and pronouncing the Quran correctly. Unlike other languages, Arabic has only 29 basic alphabets.

Originally, the need for Tajweed rules was not necessary as it was natural to the Muslims. When people started immigrating and as Islam spread all over the world, mistakes were noticed in the recitation of Quran. It has become necessary for the Arabs to read Tajweed before reciting the holy book. Quran is considered to be the word of Allah and hence it must be properly pronounced. The Arabic letters have 18 different articulation points in the tongue, throat and nose. It is easy for people to mix up the exit points of two letters if they do not have proper knowledge of Tajweed.

Seven letters in the Arabic language are called emphatic consonants and exhibit heavy accent when they are pronounced. The rest of the letters in the Arabic language are pronounced normally without much emphasis on the accent. Some words are prolonged for more number of beats in order to pronounce them correctly.

There are five letters in the alphabets that are called qalqalah letters. These letters are pronounced with a slight bounce. There are also five different stop signs which indicate where there should be a pause. There are many benefits in learning these  rules.

  • It is considered that the people who recite Quran will please God and hence be surrounded in the company of noble angels.
  • Reciting the Quran and teaching it to others will bring the best out of oneself.
  • Arabs consider that for each letter recited from the holy book can bring ten rewards for that person’s life.
  • Preaching Quran in the correct way will lead the person to paradise during the afterlife.
  • Learning Tajweed will help the people to understand the origin of each word in the Quran.
  • The person who reads Quran should devote the time and mind solely for that purpose by freeing away all the other thoughts in the mind.

Tajweed, like its meaning, improves and makes the person better when they recite Quran. It helps them to understand the holy book and apply it in everyday life. Proper recital of Quran is necessary as it is similar to Prophet Mohammed’s peace and blessings. Tajweed helps both Arabs and non Arabs to recite Quran successfully. 

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