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Stretch Your Golf Game - Play Longer & Stronger

Apr 1st 2015 at 5:57 AM

Golf is a unique sport where the "best in class" are made of athletes with great strength, endurance, concentration, skill, accuracy and flexibility. Appropriate Stretching can enhance all of the above, and the lack of it can ruin your game, and possibly your joints.

All muscles fall prey to the following muscle properties:

Muscle shortening is a natural part of adulthood, and it occurs with any injury, exercise, or repetitive activity. Reoccurring muscle injury and shortening (as in a repetitive sport like golf) will cause a progressive series of shortened sections within many of the body's muscle system. These shortened sections eventually develop scarred sections that do not release and do not allow for the muscles to return to normal full length.

Well I am not a mechanical engineer, but I can tell you the power would be greatly reduced, and the engine would probably seize and blow with persistent driving. In a similar example, the body's muscles deliver far less power with shortened and scarred sections. Further, they can contribute to muscle tearing, joint compression, nerve entrapment, abnormal joint tracking and pain. All of which contribute to a bad golf game, or at least a mega slice on your drive.

The key to muscle stretching, however, is knowing that the spine and limb muscles must both be stretched in all muscle groups associated with the pain condition or sport. So, for example, golfers elbow is a condition that is recognized by some to originates in the neck and causes referred pain and muscle spasm into the inner elbow.

So stretching of the appropriate neck and arm muscles can prevent and treat golfers elbow. Simply treating the injured arm alone is doomed for failure. This spine and limb connection is very important in preventing and treating many forms of common pain and enhancing any sport.

Golfing, however, requires more than a good elbow or neck, and requires excellent shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and spinal range of motion, strength and function. Pain within these areas will sideline any golfer. Therefore, it is clear a "total body-spine and limb" stretching program is required.

For simplicity and stretching strategy, the stretching/rehabilitation program should begin with splitting the body into upper and lower body segments. Stretching of the neck and spine should take place before the limbs. Spinal stretching allows for better spine range of motion, less spinal compression with improved nerve function.

The upper body program should stretch through the neck followed by the shoulders, arms and forearms into the hands and fingers. The lower body program should stretch the upper back, lower back, hips followed by the hamstrings, quads, outer thigh, inner thigh, calves and feet.

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