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Steve Jobs: Spiritualist Hippie, Pescatarian and a Liar?

Jul 11th 2013 at 12:03 AM

There isn’t a soul in the world that hasn’t in some way known about Steve Jobs. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you have all been impacted by him in some way, whether it was by using one of the amazing Apple computers and electronic gadgets that he helped create, or perhaps sharing some time with family and friends watching one of the many Pixar Studios animated films he was an inspirational part of. Whatever the case, right up until he passed away, Steve Jobs was all at once an icon, a visionary, and pioneer. But, he was also human, and as such, it turns out that he was just as “complex” as the rest of us.

Steve’s Visit to India & Buddhist Leanings

It’s common knowledge that Steve Jobs visited India in 1974, something that he was inspired to do during his days as a struggling college dropout in Portland, Oregon, when we walked to the Hare Krishna Temple for a weekly free meal. But did you know that he was Buddhist? Well, most certainly in an “unofficially official” sense, I assure you. Yet, he was very much a spiritual man, trying to reconnect with his inner self, so much so that he did have a Buddhist monk conduct his wedding. So, now you decide if he was or wasn’t Buddhist.

Purely Pescatarian?

You’ve heard of “Vegetarianism” and “Veganism,” maybe even joked about “absolute Non-Vegetarianism,” but do you know that it’s perfectly normal to be a “Pescatarian”? Relax; a “pescatarian” is someone who eats all vegetables and only fish and other seafood as a source of non-vegetarian proteins. You may not know this, but it created a bit of a headache for companies like McDonalds who were constantly voted down by Steve for the right to co-brand Happy Meals with Pixar characters.

Steve Jobs Lied? Who hasn’t?

Indeed, who hasn’t lied, right? But did you know that Steve lied to his long-standing business associate and, well, “friend” Steve Wozniak, back when they were first starting out? Working on development for Atari together, they got paid $5,000, but because Steve Jobs wanted to invest in his dreams sooner, and didn’t have the requisite capital yet, he lied to Wozniak and told him that they only got $750 for it, giving him only $375 as part of their 50-50-split agreement. On this count, I’m sure you’ll agree that he showed his fundamental “humanness” and let his human nature shine out a bit more than anyone, especially Steve Wozniak would have liked.

Steve Jobs Lied? Who hasn’t?


Poor guy, when he was told about this, Wozniak said that had Steve Jobs only asked him, he would have gladly loaned him the money that he wanted from what he had gotten paid. It’s sad, but does this really make Steve Jobs a bad guy? I mean, let’s not forget that he first denied that Lisa Brennan, the daughter he had with Chris-Anne Brennan, was his child. But then, he helped pay for her Harvard education. So, what was Steve Jobs, according to you? Was he the visionary that the world loved to hate but still looked up to? Or was he just another human being, some good, some bad, and some issues that needed to be handled better?  technologers

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