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Spicing up the sex life

Jul 22nd 2011 at 12:27 PM

Plants herbs and spices have been used in love potions since humans first thought about creating them, Periwinkle being an old favorite, used in the 13th century as a food additive to help married couples with added passion.

Italian goddess of love and beauty, Venus has her own set of herbs believed to stimulate said to increase feelings of desire, including coltsfoot,vervain, yarrow, marshmallow, mint, plantain and thyme, teas made from combinations of these said to be powerful sexual stimulants, if sipped before sex.

Chinese love potions, over two millenniam have included the dried clove tree buds, early Native Americans making theirs from cotton plant seeds and black walnuts, powdered then added to drinks. While civilizations of old used spices to make meals more appetizing, many were known aphrodisiacs, so the saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach may well have basis in fact.

Asparagus and artichokes, according to some folk medicines, are especially recommended by Chinese herbalists, being rich in steroidal glycosides, affecting production of hormones and increasing thesex drive at the same time, which is also the effect of Agrimony, believed beneficial to the body as a whole, especially in treating bowel complaints.

The reputation of this medicinal herb as a potent love potion was highlighted in the 1936 book The Herbal Manual by Harold Ward, stating that one make tea with it, adding a little honey for sweetness. The effect on the libido is said to be quite dramatic. One of the oldest known aphrodisiac herbs is Alfalfa, called by Arabs the Father of all Foods.

16th herbalists used it often, for upset stomachs, the organic salts contained in the herb among the richest known, used by both ancient and modern athletes for extra energy and endurance, having the same effect on sexual performance. Again, normally imbibed as a tea. Angelica root was long ago given to frigid women, being a powerful aphrodisiac. Named after the Archangel Raphael, the crushed root is added to liqueur increase passion and durability.

Used by the early Egyptians, often in cooking or medicinally, Aniseed was also a favorite of the ancient Romans, as a breath-sweetening tea, also considered a potent aphrodisiac, soaked in milk the tasty herb tea also induces sound sleep, similar to Cardamon seeds.used world-wide as an impotence and premature ejaculation cure.,

One of the most popular Chinese medicinal herbs is Fo-Ti, a rejuvenating tonic, boosting both the sexual system and s low libido, believed to have been named after an old Chinese man who, impotent, in his fifties, was prescribed the weed, living to 130, and fathering many kids. Garlic is another reputedly powerful sexual stimulant, according to ancient Greek philosopher, Pliny, and used by t early Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans. as an aphrodisiac


The plant Cupids Arrow, or clove, was used as early as the 3rd century, B.C. in China in love potions and in 1642, Swedish herbalist Anders Mansson Rydaholm wrote: that If a man loses his ability, he should stay sober and drink milke spiced with cloves. Another herb said to be quite potent, usually mixed with wine, is dried Coriander seed, while of all alleged potent herbs, damiana has been used for centuries as a tonic for promoting a more active sex. Life, and even today Native Americans consider this herb a powerful impotence.treatment.

This is genuinely one of the few herbs truly deserving of the title aphrodisiacs, increasing sexual desire, enhancing sexual pleasure and stimulating sexual performance. Growing in Mexican Gulf desert areas and South America, the herb contains alkaloids increasing sensitivity sexual organs, and is believed by some herbalists to increase sperm count.

There are,as you can plainly see, far more good reasons for employing herbs in your dietary regime than simply improving the taste of your meals. They can also have very positive effects on your sex life, and help to overcome issues you might have with your libido and sexuality in general. Take advantage of the many benefits herbs and spices have to offer. It can honestly only improve your life, and that has to be worthwhile.

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