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Some blame the city’s multiculturalism for widening gaps

Mar 7th 2013 at 5:19 AM

Manchester has a long and rich history. An industrial city, it came to prominence after the rise of the factories. Since then, it has always been a working man’s city, free of the bourgeois tendencies that have made London pretentious and unbearable. That’s not to say that there’s no class in the area- everyone knows about the quality of an elite manchester escort or one of the city’s many playhouses- but there’s less of an arty air about the place.

The problem that's on everyone’s lips at the moment though is the seeming fractured nature of the community. It’s debatable whether Manchester has ever truly been unified and certain elements would seem to suggest otherwise. Regardless, there is definitely a growing rift between many of its inhabitants. The most obvious, and probably least serious, is the  obvious gap between city and united fans. Both football clubs have long disliked each other, as one would expect, but with city rising up the tables, the rivalry is at fever pitch as the two clubs duke it out for the English Premier League title.

But there’s also tension on the streets. Gang crime is still a real problem for the area, with territorial disputes often resulting in violence. Innocent bystanders are being caught up in it all, and the results are terrifying. Every month it seems like another citizen is hospitalized for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s an us against them culture that is leaving many to wonder where the tough, gruff but fair attitudes of their youth have gone. In days gone by, there wasn’t such a vicious fight to earn the right to loiter around street corners at night but in modern times, more and more gans seem to be springing up, mainly consisting of disenfranchised youths.

Some blame the city’s multiculturalism for this. In some ways, there is a semblance of credit there. Many are coming to Britain and then forming tight knit communities, effectively leading to areas of ethnic concentration where few speak English and there is a poor view taken of those outside those groups. This is definitely contributed to the divided feel of the area, seeing as many of this small communities are effectively segregated from the city in which they dwell. However, this ignores the fact that many members of the violent gangs are in fact natives. Given up on by the education system, too skint to afford a Manchester escort or a trip to the football, and generally victimized by cruel coalition cuts, these young men and women have nothing to do with their time and a burning pool of resentment fast building inside of them. If Manchester is to bring itself together once more, it must learn to bridge the gaps that it has created and show more compassion and empathy.

Author Information: Lima Jenson is a journalist specializing in travel and entertainment like Manchester escort. He spends most of his time exploring London, looking for new and exciting things to write about. For more information please click here.

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