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Soldering fume extractor can prevent Occupational Asthma and Allergy

Dec 29th 2015 at 9:53 PM

Those who are suffering from allergies or respiratory problems have to be careful about the factors that aggravate the disease. Experts say that not only at home but also at the workplace, there are several things that can make the situation worse. Studies indicate that there is a factor that affects people working in manufacturing industries or electronic companies. Soldering fumes can be a reason of respiratory issues if a person is exposed to it for a long time. It is advisable to install a Soldering Fume Extractor which reduces fumes up to a great extent. It reduces the chances of people getting affected from the ill-effects and ensures a healthy work environment.

Occupational Asthma, a frequent problem

Reports say that occupational asthma contributes to around 20 percent cases of Asthma, which is a huge chunk. Sometimes, it takes quite a long time to detect the fundamental cause and people even do not suspect occupational possibility.  If it is found that a person develops symptoms like coughing, short of breath and wheezing after working hours, it is a sign that there are allergens in the work environment. The next thing is to identify the exact allergen and avoid it. It takes some time, and one has to be quite vigilant about it. If it is evident that soldering fumes are causing the trouble one should insist for a good quality Soldering Fume Extractor.

What all cause Asthma other than welding fumes?

The list is quite long because there are many irritant factors that can cause asthmatic symptoms.

· Rubber and latex: Many people develop allergies to latex rubber and products made with the mix of latex and other rubbers. Particularly, hand gloves cause allergies. Other than itching and rashes, there are breathing difficulties and sneezing. One should try to avoid exposure to latex as much as possible. It is advisable that allergic people should avoid it.

· Dust and welding fumes: Welding dust, normal dust, and welding fumes are also quite irritating. Particularly for those who are sensitive to it.  Welding fumes are the cause of long-term problems, and they should be controlled by installing extractors that absorb almost 100 percent of the fumes. It greatly reduces the risks and improves the working conditions.

· Mist and water particles: If there are humidity and mist in the work environment, then also some people develop asthmatic symptoms. Mist controllers control it up to a big extent and make the work environment employee-friendly. These machines are simple and inexpensive, but they are very impactful.

· Chemicals and paints: In the paint, chemical and textile industries there is a heavy exposure to chemicals that cause respiratory issues. According to doctors, there are severe implications if people ignore the symptoms for a long time. However, it is difficult to control it in the work environment, and one should change the occupation in case there is a severe allergy to it.


Request your employer to install a good quality Soldering Fume Extractor, manufactured by Powertech if you are vulnerable to it.

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