Singapore Mediation process- cost-effective option for resolving dispute

Nov 28th 2014 at 2:14 AM

The Singapore law encourages the mediation process as a cost-effective and convenient alternative to resolve disputes before parties turn to court processes for resolving the dispute. This process can be effectively used to resolve a variety of disputes like legal, construction, workplace, family, legal and commercial matter. It has been reported that almost 80% cases in Singapore are successfully resolved through the mediation process in Singapore.

This process occurs prior before the parties are going to file a legal action. Disputing parties can choose the private mediation process or the judge may order the parties to resolve their dispute with private mediation.

There are several benefits of solving your dispute by the private mediation. Read on the understand the need and benefits of this process.

Time saving

The duration of legal processes is not fixed. You will wait for one week, one month or years to get a final decision on your case. Mediation is time saving as compared to court processes. In this process, there is a middleman commonly known as a mediator who tries to help both parties in making a successful resolution in a confidential and private manner.

Save money

You need a good amount of money for handling your case successfully in court and make payment to your lawyer. The charges of mediation services are very competitive as the duration of the settlement is very shorter (generally in a day).

Agreements are voluntary

Parties are not forced to follow the agreement. There is no risk of unfavorable judgement against them by Judge.

Agreements are confidential

The mediators are not permitted to disclose the terms and condition that are explained in the agreement to any other people expect both parties.

There are several law firms in Singapore that offers mediation services. You should approach a certified mediator who has extensive years of experience in litigating cases in the Subordinate Courts of Singapore and the Singapore Mediation Centre in order to get successful resolution results. The certified mediators have hands-on experience and deep understanding of Singapore laws and regulations. This will enable them to help clients in making the best possible and the favorable resolution in a fast turnaround time.

Ms Gloria James-Civetta is a certified mediator at the Sigaore Mediation Center and the Subordinate Courts of Singapore. She has extensive experience and litigate hundreds of cases involving divorce, child custody, family dispute, collaborative family practice, civil claims business disputes, commercial disputes and medical disputes. She is representing both defendants and plaintiffs in making successful resolution.

Shaneka Buttler is an expert writer having vast experience about the Law industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics related to family law and corporate law like Business Lawyer Singapore, legal advice in Singapore. For more details click here

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