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Signs Your Pet Might Be Ill

Dec 3rd 2015 at 11:37 PM

Many people love their dogs and cats just as much as any other member of the family. But unlike your children or grandparents, your pets can’t tell you when they aren’t feeling well. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on your pet’s behavior, and to keep an eye out for signs that he or she might be acting out of the ordinary. These moments might indicate that your pet is ill, and needs to see a vet. Here are a few red flags to watch out for.


Vomiting and diarrhea are sometimes just that: not great, but not too serious, either. Other times, though, these actions can indicate that something else is going on. Is your dog not only throwing up but also acting lethargic, and refusing to eat? Is there blood in your cat’s vomit or stool? If your pet is exhibiting more than one of these symptoms, there’s a good chance he or she is ill, and not just from eating grass.


Are your pets eating regularly? This can be a tough sign to watch out for. Sometimes dogs stop eating merely because they’re picky, or are hoping to get scraps of people food. But cats who stop eating are in danger of developing fatty liver. Overweight cats are especially vulnerable to this disease, which can be fatal when too much fat accumulates in the liver, which can lead to liver failure. If your cat has stopped eating, you should go to the vet right away.


You’ll also want to pay attention to your pet’s bathroom habits. Is your dog housebroken? Good for you! But what if your dog suddenly starts peeing inside the house again? Increased urination can sometimes be a sign of liver or kidney disease. It can also mean adrenal gland disease.


On the other hand, if your dog or cat doesn’t seem to be peeing very much at all, they might be suffering from bladder stones, or a urinary tract infection. Cats are prone to accumulating crystals in their bladder, which causes inflammation there; blood appears in their urine. Those crystals can block a male cat’s urethra so that the cat is completely unable to urinate. This condition can become life threatening in a mere 24 hours.


In general, it’s best to be careful and attentive when it comes to your pet’s health. Pay attention to their habits and watch out for strange symptoms. Visit this website to learn more or to reach a veterinarian in Morgan Hill.

Author Bio:-

Nancy has a deep love of animals and talks and writes about them regularly. She is a huge animal rights advocate. Read her thoughts at pet care guide blog on Livejournal.

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