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Signs Your Elderly Family Member May Need a 24-Hour Care Facility

Aug 6th 2015 at 3:04 AM

It can be difficult to see a loved one lose independence and mobility. While you want your family member to stay active and vibrant for as long as possible, 24-hour care may be necessary at some point. Good care facilities regulate the amount of care given based on the individual needs of the resident. That way the resident can get the care she needs while still remaining as independent as she is able.

One of the most common signs that your loved one may need 24-hour care is when you notice that certain daily routines are not longer being practiced. One of the first routines to go is regular bathing. This is a natural result of the physical demands that bathing requires. Even if your family member has a shower or tub designed specifically for the elderly, she may not be able to navigate all that is needed in order to bathe. This includes dressing and undressing, and lathering oneself while in water.

Another common routine that becomes difficult for an elderly adult is cooking. Often, this adult will try to continue cooking but become forgetful. She may leave the stove on or start putting frozen foods in the refrigerator and vice versa. She may try to cook something in the oven and then forget that it’s on. The combination of the need for sustenance and the real danger of unattended appliances makes losing one’s ability to cook highly impactful to one’s daily life. In a 24-hour care facility, an elderly resident can get assistance cooking meals or can have her meals made for her.

Self-care can also be difficult for elderly adults when they need to keep track of medications and medical apparatuses. Your relative may begin to forget whether or not she took her medication, and this can cause her a great deal of anxiety. She also may need help managing her diabetes or using a long-term catheter.  She may not have the agility to give herself shots or empty and reattach an ostomy bag. Her medical care is no doubt so important to both you and her that you want to make sure she is properly cared for.

Often, when elderly family members age there is no one to properly care for them on a 24-hour basis. Even if someone in the family does have the time and resources to be able to care for the elderly relative, he or she may not feel qualified to perform daily care, especially if it involves bathing or medical assistance. For information about 24-hour care in Santa Cruz, contact this website.

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