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Signs You May Have an Indoor Raccoon Problem

Dec 11th 2015 at 2:29 AM

For those that have only experienced raccoons in brief wilderness encounters and on television documentaries, these furry creatures may be thought of as cute little creatures. Their signature stripes and rings around the eyes make raccoons look curious and innocent. At first thought, most would not think of these animals as pests. Though they are extremely intelligent animals, they can cause stress for many homeowners whose space has been invaded by raccoons. Their resourcefulness means that raccoons can find a way into just about any livable space in or around your home.

When you suspect wild animals of living inside your home, there are a few things to look for to identify the invaders as raccoons. Raccoons make their way inside human homes to build warm dens to have their young. Usually, they nest in attics and chimneys, but have been known to get in walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, and ducts. If you hear the patter of little footsteps in your walls or ceiling, try knocking on the drywall and listen for the animal to run away. Depending on the creature’s mobility, you may be able to tell if it is an independent adult or a babies living with the mother. If you think it is only one adult raccoon, you may be able to use harassment techniques to encourage it to leave. At dusk, place bright lights, loud music, and a foul smell like cider vinegar in the infested space. Once you have confirmed that the raccoon is gone, make sure to close up the entry with mesh wire. On the other hand, if it is a mother with a nest, she will not leave her young. In this case, a professional should be hired to search for the babies and safely remove the family.

Smell may also alert you of the presence of raccoons in your home. Especially if they have made a den in your attic or crawl space, you will be able to smell their latrine. Raccoons, like cats, designate one location for the toilet. It is recommended that you hire a professional for the cleanup of raccoon feces. It can carry roundworm, which can be spread to humans if not properly handled.

You can use these tips to decide if your home has a raccoon problem, but taking care to prevent wild animals from entering your home is always the best option. Ensure that all entrances are sealed, feed your outdoor pets in the morning or midday, and install pet doors that deter wild animals from entering. If a raccoon does manage to make a home in your home, the best way to remove it safely is to call a wildlife removal professional. Visit this website to find professional raccoon removal in Garner.

Author Bio-:

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at Weebly blog.

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